Disappointed in road

Editor, Imagine you are a visitor passing through the Gold Country and your trip includes traveling from Mariposa to Sonora. Unaware of the road closures from last winter, you head into Bear Valley and there you come to a large orange sign on 49 that says “Road Closed Ahead.” There is no “detour” sign giving you another way to proceed. […]

Outraged with policies

Editor, After the past month of watching our government become out of control, I find myself in an outrage with the policies that have been enacted that are requiring the Department of Homeland Security to take babies away from their parents. I have worked in the behavioral health care field since 1989 and although I have been brought to tears […]

Against biomass facility

Editor, For more than 15 years I drove large diesel trucks called “doubles,” often coast to coast. Naturally, I was exposed to a lot of toxic diesel fumes during these years, and unfortunately developed COPD, a lung disorder. When I moved to Mariposa some years ago, I was very happy with our air quality and overall quality of life here […]

In memory of Ronnie Cole

Editor, I am submitting this letter in memory of the death of Ronnie Cole, which was one year ago on June 23, 2017. Ronnie ended up dead in the Merced River. At this time it is unclear to me if he drowned, or if he was the victim of foul play. My name is Jeff Jones and I was fortunate […]

Shopping local well worth it

Editor, Having received our yearly phone books, we are encouraged again to buy local. I would like to say a few words on the subject. Buying local is not only a culturally and politically ‘’correct’’ thing to do, nor is it simply practical to keep the money in the county. Buying local supports our neighbors and friends and their families. […]

Remain calm in this debate

Editor, God gave us freedom of choice; the U.S. Constitution gave freedom of religion, speech, etc., to all people. Whether we like it or not, Mr. Little, as a businessman and Gazette owner, has the freedom to design the newspaper however he desires. “In God we Trust” was, is and always will be a fundamental part of our Constitution the […]

Support sheriff’s request

Editor, Attention Mariposa County citizens: On June 12, Sheriff Doug Binnewies went before the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors for additional financial support to add deputies and equipment. Those that know our sheriff know that he never complains about anything but when he needs help, you know for sure that he exhausted every bit of his energy and resources. I […]

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