Festival takes everyone

Editor, My ego appreciates all the accolades, but truthfully, the Mariposa Butterfly Festival committee deserves much of credit for the long hours and hard work they put into planning decorating and running the festival, as well as the successful Taste of Mariposa. And let us not forget the citizens who began the festival over 10 years ago on 7th Street […]

An epic belly laugh

Editor, I trust you agree that laughter is the best of all medicines. That being so, I have been cured of all maladies thanks to Michael De boer’s recent letter “Funneling the damned.” Though Mr. De boer cleverly masked whether he actually intended his writings to be humorous, it was a masterful exercise in that genre. I loved the links […]

Don’t judge others?

Editor, It is hard to process a title like that when the entire letter is filled with judgment. Mrs. Mills felt the need to call me out by name for what I said at the board meeting, based upon a few sentences that were published in the paper. So please allow me to correct a few things. First, my daughter […]

Hopper not held accountable

Editor, Mrs. Mills’s deflection of Robin Hopper’s actions by attacking her criticizers in a public forum and then claiming moral superiority because of God is hypocritical. To use your words, “what happened to Robin Hopper was preventable” as if she was somehow a victim in all of this. You know who was a victim? The police officer she attacked while […]

It’s time to invest in the community

Editor, With spring finally here after a lengthy cold winter, it is appropriate to remind our elected representatives that improvements need to be done to our towns in order to attract much needed tourism to our borders. The very first attribute any and all tour operators look for in deciding the content of their promotional ventures is the condition of […]

Don’t judge others

Editor, What happened to Robin Hopper was preventable and could have been a fatal mistake. But for Megan Pitman to respond to the situation like you did, just another example of what’s wrong in our world today. Glad to know you are perfect and never did anything wrong. And you had to tell your 13-year-old daughter that the person in […]

Funneling the damned

Editor, I trust that you believe the planets in our universe whose center is the sun by default; since our center can only be the earth, are kept in their particular orbits by the negative and positive pull and push of a cosmic force of magnetism. Just like star groupings float in the heavens since their beginnings. None of which […]

No need to apply

Editor, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.” Every American has been taught those words, emblazoned on the Statue of Liberty, and even felt proud of them. They rang true, since most of us are citizens of the U.S. through birth, courtesy of an ancestor who chose […]

He who casts the first stone …

Editor, In regard to the Robin Hopper incident, before you “throw her under the bus,” please take the time to reflect back on your own life. The mistakes made, the price paid, the amends owed. A very famous person once said, “Let he who has no sin cast the first stone.” If we all got caught doing the things we’ve […]

The political double standard

Editor, Trump tampered with witnesses. These Senate Republicans voted to oust Bill Clinton for doing just that. Fourteen current Republican senators, some of whom were then serving in the House, voted either to impeach or convict Clinton on the obstruction charge. Some specifically cited his actions toward the witnesses when explaining their votes. • Mitch McConnell, Kentucky: … And, again, […]

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