Thanks for the GOP votes

Editor, Thank you Republican House members of Congress for voting ‘“no” on the two Articles of Impeachment of President Trump. Your vote is now on the record against impeaching a president who will be regarded as the most corrupt P.O.T.U.S. in history. This will be extremely helpful for every Democrat running to replace you in the coming fall election. By […]

County salaries? Just wonderin’

Editor, I reviewed the recent article on the raises the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors have decided to grant to department heads as well as to themselves. Very generous raises. This started me to “jus’ wonder.” The proposed raises for department heads and elected officials are not the paltry 3 percent or 5 percent doled out to us “regular folks” […]

Our own swamp

Editor, Our elections of 2016 were held with the idea of draining the D.C. swamp. Many of us know that this swamp had drained into Sacramento and from there seeped like raw sewage into our county government with progressive and liberal thinking. The lack of fiscal responsibility mirrors the way Sacramento and D.C. conduct themselves. It seems we have elected […]

The sad county tree or the Riviera of the Sierra?

Editor, I would like to thank Gerry Edwards for his opinion about the county budget. Not for his lack of understanding, but for coining the phrase “Riviera of the Sierra.” It has quite the descriptive context. Everyone I have talked to has accepted this as a new way to view this beautiful and loving community. For the record, I work […]

Cox has been wronged

Editor, I would like to address the wrongful acts, or series of them, that have occurred in this county against Jerry Cox. As many residents are aware, Mr. Cox has been under scrutiny hereabouts for some time; some of his problems have been of his own making and others have been forced upon him by unscrupulous county and state employees. […]

A proud rabble-rouser

Editor, I would first like to compliment Greg Little for giving me the opportunity to express my opinions in the Mariposa Gazette. A news outlet used to be the voice of the people and unfortunately our national news media has drifted away from this important aspect in our lives. The Gazette has been a beacon of freedom of speech and […]

Trump behavior business as usual

Editor, Now that actual impeachment charges against the President have been made by the House, it is interesting to see the defense launched by Trump supporters. Since the evidence of what transpired is available for all to hear and see, the only defense presented so far is that what happened is not a crime. It is instead presented as business […]

What an embarrassment

Editor, The office of the President of the United States demands respect. This is the highest office in the free world, one that also heads the world’s largest economy for last 100 years. The position requires dignity, restraint, diplomacy, due respect and keen knowledge of our laws, the utmost protection of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill Of Rights and […]

Harmful influences

Editor, On a weekend last September the Gospel reading at St. Joseph’s Church was from Luke 16:1-13. It was about the unjust steward who was wasting his master’s resources. This reading ended with Jesus declaring that, “You cannot serve God and mammon,” which in this case is the pursuit of an objective that doesn’t serve the intentions of God. This […]

An inspiring idea

Editor, Taxing the rich: These are the same types who led to the massive inequality and Great Depression. Greed never learns. To the horror of Republicans, soaking the rich is an increasingly popular idea. The vast inequality in wealth among Americans is one of the most serious economic problems facing the country, but there is a very simple solution: a […]

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