No need for personal assassinations

Editor, So here I sit at the keyboard pondering how to respond to some opinion letters about yours truly. First, I need to say opinions are like extra body parts, everyone wants them. In all my years of writing I have never directly attacked and named by name anyone writing an opinion. To do so is an attempt to kill […]

Progressives miss the mark

Editor, The “Your View” of the July 30, 2020 Mariposa Gazette seemed to be the “Progressives” on the attack. I hope poor Mr. Collier had on a crash helmet because Tom DeVries and Peter Beck sure beat him over the head with their scorching remarks. As all so called “Progressives” have a knack at doing, they inflate their numbers (which […]

Not tolerating Trumpism

Editor, Gerry Edwards struck a nerve with his letter entitled “Just an old Man’s Opinion” published in the July 23, 2020 edition of the Mariposa Gazette. The title apparently comes from his second sentence where he writes, “All views I express here today are just opinions of a 73-year-old who is an observer, and a person who would claim to […]

A compromise on masks

Editor, As a substitute teacher, one of my most important challenges is in giving extra attention, especially eye contact, to the students who have felt neglected in their lives. Often they are one of the youngest in their families, such as Donald Trump, who is the fourth of five children. It’s clear to me that many of the people who […]

So much for law and order

Editor, Now that the “overblown” Covid-19 virus is surging in California and seeping into Mariposa County, maybe even the skeptics will get with the program. I am sure I am not alone in being shocked to learn that at least two restaurants chose not to protect their patrons by requiring their staff wear masks. But then again, when the mandatory […]

Card of Thanks

We would like to thank the firefighters, air crews and all first responders that worked on the Ben Fire. By the time we called 911 they were already on the way. Their tireless work and dedication helped save our house and our neighbors. They stayed here all night for two nights to make sure there were no hot spots. We […]

Collier way off base in thinking

Editor, Covid is still here and doubter Bill Collier’s back. He still suspects the virus is a hoax and does not like being told what to do. At the end of April, 2.5 million cases ago, Collier argued in a “I-smellsomething fishy” letter about Covid to the Gazette that the “truth is that for most people it is not much […]

Trumpism is real threat to democracy

Editor, Septuagenarian Gerry Edwards warns readers in his July 23 letter of a “Marxist plan in motion” to take over America going back “at least 30 years.” Wow! How did Republican President George H.W. Bush (1989-1993) allow this nefarious plot to unfold right under his nose? Edwards provides few specifics, other than our educational system’s “coordinated plan” for the “indoctrination […]

The end of the line

Editor, A few of us have been writing about perceived indiscretions on the part of the BOS and the CAO for a long time. The CAO’s statement in the Gazette dated July 16 is nothing more than passing the buck to our taxpayers. It’s an attitude not unlike other bloated salary seekers, not lacking in overbearing dialogue, better understood as […]

Code compliance needed

Editor, We want to thank Greg Little for his article on Muir Lodge and reporting on the code compliance issue. This is a glaring example of why we need a county ordinance to address delinquent property owners. Muir Lodge is located on a section of Highway 140 that has been designated as a Scenic Highway and is in plain sight […]

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