Continue to be ‘Mariposa’

Editor, As we all know, our county and our world and the people, need and want to be heard. However, it needs to be conducted in a firm but civil way. In my first “view,” I described how knowledge could be either used for “progress and prosperity” or, if put into the wrong hands, can cause destruction. What we’ve been […]

The Greatest of All-Time is from Indiana

Editor, A few thoughts about that (Matt Johnson’s May 14 column “Larry Bird deserves more consideration as the GOAT”). Bird is the greatest of all time — no question — because he’s from Indiana. But he was also very good, as you wrote in your column a ways back. But let’s look into the past. Another great player from Indiana […]

Biased in objectivity

Editor, Just read Greg Little’s article about racial prejudice and it was refreshing and inspiring. To use a really bad pun: Greg Little is a big man. Some people accuse him of being biased — a fair appraisal: He’s biased in truth and objectivity. Hurrah for the Greg Littles of the world; wish there were more like him. Ruth ClarkMariposa […]

Say no to racism

Editor, As a Christian and pastor of Mariposa United Methodist Church, I am appalled and horrified at the senseless deaths of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbury, just two of too many black men and women who have suffered and died as a consequence of racism in our country. Yes, we pray for them, for their families and friends, and even […]

Black lives in danger

Editor,Just want to clear up some confusion:• We said — Black Lives Matter• Never said — Only Black Lives Matter• We know — All lives matter• We just need — Your help with Black Lives MatterFor black lives are in danger! Maureen ComstockMariposa … An online subscription is required to view news content on this website. To continue reading please […]

Codes should be adopted

Editor, Ruth Sellers comes across as naive and lacking in life experience. I guess she’s never had a neighbor do illegal bulldozing, burying a fence in mud and clogging a culvert that flooded a main road serving five residences. I’ll bet nobody installed stadium and arena lighting next to the area she watches her sunsets from. She probably doesn’t have […]

First responders are the best

Editor, This is a letter of heartfelt thanks to all of our county’s emergency responders who, when minutes counted, saved my life on May 1. Just hours after the 911 call, a dispatched ambulance to John C. Fremont and a helicopter transport to Fresno, I was rolled into surgery at Fresno Heart Hospital, where I received the best of care. […]

We told you so

Editor, Relative to Greg Little’s article about the financial woes of Mariposa County, all of us fair minded citizens can say to the managers: We’ve tried to tell you for quite a while to curb your stupid spending on stupid things, i.e., consultants, surveys, out-of-town estimates, mail-in ballots and, yes, even a logo. If a million dollar reserve will be […]

Be Mariposa

Editor, The Covid-19 experience, although quite frightening, has taught us a lot. Not only about ourselves, but as a community — and country. We, the people, come from different places and backgrounds. But, it’s times like these where you see our true beauty shine as we come together in unity to fight this enemy. I know the feeling of imprisonment […]

Park service lacks information

Editor, As an owner of a small business in Buck Meadows, Mariposa County, one of the gateway communities, I would like to register my concern and disappointment with Yosemite National Park with the manner in which it has put together a re-opening plan. The Plan calls for 1,700 “day use” vehicles, and 1,900 “continued use” vehicles per day. As far […]

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