Collins passionate about education

Editor, Dear friends of our Mariposa community: I am writing to strongly recommend Bob Collins for Mariposa County School Board. I have known Bob for the past 15 years and during that time, Bob has been a teacher, coach and constant advocate for the students of Mariposa County. For a brief time, I worked closely with Bob while he was […]

Keep hatred from hearts

Editor, It is a known fact that there are many college professors who try to mold the minds of students away from Americanism. I have a granddaughter who is a sophomore in high school and she was asked to sign a petition to eliminate and/or defund the police. I am appalled how any school system would allow such a thing. […]

Collins should be reelected

Editor, We would like to express our endorsement of the reelection of Bob Collins for the Mariposa School Board. Bob has worked hard on the school board since 2015 and is dedicated to the schools of Mariposa. We know Bob and his family. We believe it would be beneficial during these times of change to have someone who knows the […]

Biden best choice for economy

Editor, I’m voting for Biden and I study the U.S. economy. For a long time the country has been sliding into severe inequality of income and wealth, and now the Covid problem is making it worse. Healthy families and communities go together and they rely on income security and prosperity. Our wealthy U.S. nation can provide that for all. The […]

Who will lead us to the light?

Editor, Listening to Americans on each side of our political canyon it’s obvious each side wants to point fingers at who they think is responsible for the unrest that has happened during the last three months. And although most of the protesting has subsided, our president, along with many of his supporters, allege that if Joe Biden wins the presidency, […]

Card of Thanks

The Stoneridge community wishes to express our gratitude to the Mariposa Fire Safe Council. The council limbed, brushed and chipped our 14 acre community ensuring all the homes have 100-foot plus of defensible space. Pattie Burgess was our first contact and she responded to our request for help promptly despite the additional challenges that Covid-19 added to their operations. Barbara […]

Let seniors know about DMV rule

Editor, In late July I read online the Department of Motor Vehicles had wisely decided to automatically give a one year extension to noncommercial driver’s licenses for Californians age 70 and over to reduce Covid-19 exposure. I was personally relieved that I would not have to spend time in a crowded DMV office. Then this week I received a formal […]

Long should have stayed silent

Editor, The authors of the Constitution of the United States were brilliant. They created a document that was sufficiently specific to form a fledgling government yet sufficiently vague to be applicable to an unknown future. The First Amendment to the Constitution ensures everyone can voice their opinion freely even when they probably should not. In a recent article in the […]

Dr. Long, I presume?

Editor, I had no idea that Marshall Long, the humble rancher turned-public-servant, had gone back to school and earned his degrees in infectious disease and medical research! Bravo! Wait, what? He didn’t? Huh? So, I wonder what qualifies Supervisor Long to question the credentials and qualifications of a medical doctor who has served under six presidents with great dedication, and […]

Sad comment from ‘bumpkin’

Editor, It’s somehow both humorous and frightening to see a bumpkin from the sticks profess to know more than the pre-eminent scientists of the world. It’s even more disturbing to see them labeled as an “enemy of the people.” It’s obvious these hicks get their entire scope of knowledge from only two sources: “The Teachings of Hannity” and the “Gospel […]

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