Arch Rock entrance is the 800 pound gorilla in Yosemite and it could use some prodding


 Traffic in Yosemite National Park. It’s an issue everyone knows about — and one nobody can seem to solve. I tip my hat to park officials who are trying a wide variety of processes to at least address the issue. They’re rerouting traffic on Highway 140 to let park workers in quicker. They are taking a hard look at expanding […]

Keeping beneficial pests important in gardening


This year I am welcoming wasps and inviting insects to invade our garden. I am experiencing a paradigm shift (a fundamental change of underlying assumptions). It started when I heard, “Not all insects are bad. In fact, of the 92,00 species that have been identified in the United States, about 87,000 (95 percent) are either good or neutral” (California Master […]

The third side of the story

Editor, There are two sides to the Darrah Schoolhouse issue. Here is the third. When my father, Colonel John A. Macready, gave the schoolhouse and land around it, he made one other stipulation, after the “no drinking and no smoking.” For the sake of the children who will be coming there, he got a long rope (chain) and put one […]

Supervisors eliminated great things

Editor, I was very glad to see our Mariposa County volunteers being honored by our county supervisors. However, may I point out that two of the best are missing today, having finally bit the dust and closed all activities. All because of some misguided (in my respectful opinion) actions by our supervisors. Instead, they chose some years ago to subsidize […]

Selk made right decision to leave

Editor, I enjoyed reading your report on the joint meeting of the Mariposa Board of Supervisors and the Yosemite-Mariposa Tourism Board. The decision of Mr. Terry Selk to move on as the executive director of the tourism bureau is in the best interest of Mr. Selk, the tourism bureau and the County of Mariposa. Mr. Selk’s “political” problems were of […]

Parking lot closure hurt everyone

Editor, As a resident of Mariposa, I was disappointed this weekend to see the parking lot of Pioneer Village (the second largest parking lot in town) closed down for repaving. The weekend of the Butterfly Festival is one of the busiest weekends for our town; it has been going on for years, and the date doesn’t change — always the […]

Supports opposition to sanctuary law

Editor, This is an open letter to the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors It’s a given that societies in which the law is respected and obeyed enjoy a much higher quality of life than those in which it is not. Respect and obedience for the law, and by extension, quality of life, depend, to a large degree, on effective law […]

Bert Smith — A man to remember


Shown from left are Winnie Williams, George Fournier and Bert Smith at the barber shop.Editor’s note: Mariposa County Flashback is a collaborative effort between the newspaper and the Mariposa Museum and History Center. Bertram “Bert” Smith was born in 1884 in Auburn. He moved to Catheys Valley with his father, John Richard Smith, in 1894. John Smith worked in the […]

Greed affects infrastructure


After writing about how the ‘military-industrial complex’ lobbies our lawmakers to assign massive amounts of money to the military budget leading to the neglect of our deteriorating infrastructure, I concluded we can attribute the skewed fiscal priorities of our government to greed. But what is greed? For an objective understanding, let’s dispense with the negative connotations of avarice and moral […]

Bernikoff listens to all sides

Editor, I have been impressed with the quality of Heather Bernikoff’s thinking, knowledge and ability to understand trends. I am a farmer in District 3 with a young family. While I appreciate Heather’s work to protect agriculture in our county, I have been equally appreciative of her thinking beyond the issue at hand to consider how our agricultural lands might […]

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