HHS does tremendous job

Editor, A big shout out to the staff at Mariposa County Health and Human Services. My husband and I recently had our second vaccination round with Mariposa County HHS agency. We wanted to thank each and every one of the staff involved in both clinics. They were not only exceptionally professional, but also very friendly and wonderfully organized. It’s so […]

McClintock vote gives ‘the finger’

Editor, On March 18, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2021. One-hundred seventy-two Republicans voted against it, including our own Tom McClintock. Republicans cited two issues with the bill: 1. It closes the “boyfriend loophole.” You see if a spouse or former spouse is found guilty of beating up his wife or ex-wife, […]

Militia article disgusting

Editor, I guess my question now is why am I subscribing to the Mariposa Gazette. A front page main article to “Meet the Militia?” Really? I guess these men are supposed to protect me from tyranny. Who is going to define tyranny? These self appointed law enforcers? This is not a good idea and the fact that the Gazette is […]

The fun and the ridiculous

Editor, Re last week’s Gazette: In these sad days of Covid-19, this despairing time of the Bill Colliers and the macho militia, with its blustering bravado, how refreshing was it to read about the coming of spring and the planting of bulbs, written so poetically by Price Little. And such fun: reading “Bones,” your satirical fairytale fantasy, with the last […]

Blasting principal makes no sense

Editor, It doesn’t make sense why several disgruntled parents are creating this erroneous situation for our excellent, caring and overworked principal, Erin Vereschagin — and Mariposa Elementary School! Dissatisfied parents should sit in the classroom for one day and see the overwhelming demands that are put upon teachers. As a classroom aide, I am aware of Erin’s concern over bullies […]

Bullying a deeper problem

Editor, Thank you for the story “Performance of principal sparks debate,” however, parents are focusing on a narrow target. People may think that by changing one principal’s position, our district bully problems are solved. Not so. It’s deeply-rooted — often racial — and it creates a chain reaction. Frustrations from one situation fester into an overreaction to the next. Kids […]

Militia not a needed group

Editor, All Mariposans should at the very least question both the presence of and the imagined value of a local militia. We already have a very competent, responsive and professional sheriff’s office who are sworn to protect the U.S. Constitution. Our sheriff’s office is firmly dedicated to protecting and serving the public and is accountable to the public and taxpayers […]

Advocacy group needs volunteers

Editor, Mountain Crisis Services is hosting a Virtual Spring Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Training. MCS has a long history of encouraging volunteers to contribute to ending domestic violence and sexual assault in our community. Mountain Crisis Services is seeking volunteers to join our dedicated team to make a change in countless lives that come through our agency. Currently, Mountain […]

We are not the enemy

Editor, Everyone, on both ends of the political spectrum, claims to want government of the people, by the people and for the people. Yet one side seems to think that it was patriotic of their side to attempt to ignore constitutional procedures and overturn the presidential election results. First through court challenges that were based on falsehoods, then through legislative […]

Don’t publish outrageous claims

Editor, Lies that threaten public health should not be published by your newspaper, even under the guise of “opinion.” We are referring to the Feb. 18 “A rush for vaccines?” letter that makes outrageous claims about Covid-19 vaccines and “cells from aborted babies.” We are Mariposa residents and professors of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Merced. […]

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