County should not green-light biomass


Editor’s note: The following letter was sent by the owners of Nativearth in Mariposa to the board of supervisors. It is printed in its entirety. TO: The Honorable Mariposa County Board of Supervisors Re: Conditional Use Permit APP# 2017-117 We are members of the Mariposa Industrial Park Association and an affected property owner within the proposed Mariposa Biomass Project. Based […]

This is the downfall of the American Constitution

Editor, In Matthew 25:40, Jesus said “I tell you the truth, when you refused to help the least of these, my brothers and sisters, you were refusing to help me.” I’ve been a lumber union president in Tuolumne County — 20 years (and shop steward) 1963-83; a union member and dining room captain, business owner (sporting goods), and genealogical society […]

How is politically correct harming us?

Editor, On June 21, the Gazette published a letter that was quite sad and confusing. In the letter, the writer made the statement that “political correctness is ruining the country.” And our president has made the same claim. What are they talking about? For the longest time I thought being politically correct just meant being polite. Do people think being […]

Let’s get back to civility

Editor, Editor Greg Little’s commentary about the recent Capital Gazette murders leads the reader to believe that the violence was due to the vilification of the news media and perceived efforts of those in power to control it. Actually, this perpetrator had a longstanding feud with this paper because they published an article about his criminal harassment conviction in 2011 […]

Bad info given about biomass plans

Editor, I would like to address some of the misunderstandings being presented about the proposed biomass facility. I’m not an expert, but I’ve spent a lot of time reading the information available on the Biomass Project’s website www.mariposabiomassproject.org and Facebook page www.facebook.com/MariposaBiomass/, and I believe this facility would be a major benefit to our community. You can get much more […]

Pray for continued success

Editor, The homily (a short sermon) given at St. Joseph Church on June 16 was drawn from two scripture readings: Ezekiel 17: 22-24 and Mark 4: 26-34. The essential teaching was that even though people of good intentions tirelessly work to improve the world and further the eventual institution of the Kingdom, any progress in this effort is actually provided […]

Trump is exact opposite of Hitler

Editor, This letter is in response to the letter from Pam Hawkins which appeared in last week’s edition. This cover of Time Magazine (showing President Trump and an immigrant child) has been proved to be a fake. Many other “small children in cages” pictures have also been proved to be fake and were taken years ago before Trump was president. […]

Family values apply to migrants, too

Editor, I am writing in response to your editorial entitled, “Getting to the truth behind the immigration issue in America.” I couldn’t agree more with the observations that you make, and have wondered for years why this issue is so difficult for so many to understand. Every one of us has been complicit in the exploitation of cheap migrant labor […]

Not all treated equally in the news

Editor, While you and Nicole purchased the Gazette around February of this year, you have been the editor for quite some time prior to that. I do not know how you and the former owner/publisher divided up your duties, but a publisher is usually the CEO who oversees production and marketing while the editor is generally responsible for non-advertising content. […]

Wake up, Mariposa County

Editor, Once again, on June 25, the Mariposa County court system has met with Bison Creek Ranch. Once again, the corruption continues. Mark Adams, known for being dismissed off of other cases by the court system in other counties for the systematic billing of fees with no results, while stating he has the best interest and welfare of the people, […]

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