Public rightfully rejected Morse

Editor, Why didn’t Jessica Morse simply say she’s for open borders with a simple explanation of the benefits? I’m guessing her bureaucratic experiences in government are merely a diversion for a lack of a solution to a serious immigration problem, which amounts to no more than a nonsensical, self-serving political ambition. Thankfully, the voters from the 4th District didn’t buy […]

Not accepting what is true

Editor, The other day I was reading the “Funny Times,” a monthly newspaper of humor. In it an article began with a quote from Kierkegaard. If you don’t think that comedy and philosophy go together you haven’t seen “The Good Place,” a TV series starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson at his best. The quote: “There are two ways to […]

The irony of the Republican Party

Editor, The irony is too thick. While reading through the Mariposa Gazette, I noticed an advertisement for the Mariposa Republican Central Committee’s Lincoln-Reagan Dinner. Two guest speakers are listed: our U.S. House of Representatives member Tom McClintock (R) and a gentleman from Hammer Stryke, a respected, local gun training company and firearm conceal carry permit educator. First irony: President Lincoln […]

Green New Deal is good policy

Editor, I am writing in support of the recently proposed Green New Deal. For those who have not heard, the Green New Deal is an exciting and comprehensive World War II-like mobilization of our economy, designed to modernize American infrastructure in response to increasingly visible climate-related disruptions. Here, our society has finally produced a vision for how America can continue […]

Learn the past for the future

Editor, We’re thankful for Mariposa County Chief Administrative Officer Dallin Kimble’s optimistic achievements for Mariposa, with more in his forecast for near term planning. However, perhaps in overly simplistic terms, we would hope his plans would also consider the unresolved filthy roadside conditions that members of the Mariposa Clean Sweep group address each year. We would also suggest his review […]

Pay close attention to water issue

Editor, In the Jan. 24 issue of the Mariposa Gazette, there was a report on the snow levels in our area. While it is always good news to hear that our snowpack is above normal, and the drought has been declared over by state officials, the extra snow and water we will receive will do little to solve California’s water […]

Some housing food for thought

Editor, Growth of our local economy is stunted by a shortage of affordable housing. Park employees and workers for new local businesses cannot find housing locally, so they tend to live (and shop and dine) outside of Mariposa. But to play devil’s advocate, I’ll state an “old codger’s” point of view — probably not uncommon: “I’m retired and moved here […]

Governor lives hypocrisy

Editor, The good people of California just elected the man hugely responsible for turning San Francisco into a drug-addled outdoor mental facility that needs maps to avoid needles and poop on the streets. He is a climate change activist, pro-illegal immigration and a strong proponent of diversity. To this end, living what he believes, he has declined the governors mansion […]

County changed rules mid-stream

Editor, As a bed and breakfast owner near Yosemite, we are very upset that we are being asked to charge an additional 2 percent to the B&B guests who reserved early, regardless of the fact that they made their reservations well before the county announced raising the transient occupancy tax on Jan. 15. We have many reservations for guests planning […]

Cloture is minor issue

Editor, The Gazette recently ran an article by Congressman Tom McClintock in which he laments the use of the cloture rule in the U.S. Senate that obstructed passage of many Republican proposals. Eight years ago the Republicans were using the same tactic to block Democratic proposals. He had eight years to complain but was silent. This is a hypocritical double […]

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