Who’s the real sinner, Max?

Editor, Fie on ye, Max DeBoer! Holier than thous by thy middle name. What happened to: “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself?” Your Jan. 9 letter to the editor was full of fire and brimstone, ire and hatred, and your poor-taste attempt at yet another “queen joke” served only to display your ignorance and intolerance. I seem to remember […]

To hell with sports, kids, donations

Editor, Three to four times a week, I will spend $1 on USA Today and only your Gazette when a headline strikes me. Why? I’m more interested in news that is more important to everyday living than seeing photos of every sports event on many levels and seeing awards or checks given for any cause that seems reasonable plus throwing […]

A salute to two heroes

Editor, To Jade and Sam: I would like to send a message to these two young people. First, Jade, I hope you continue to amaze your doctors. I am a horse person who loves mustangs too, so I can relate to your love of this horse. I was so happy to hear you were wearing a helmet. I wish more […]

Support needed for initiative

Editor, We are a family that moved here to Mariposa five and a half years ago, and know we have found our forever home in this great community. We are also new small-business owners. We want to let the community know about what we are up to in town. Little Shop of Ramen will be a new restaurant serving ramen […]

The facts are the facts

Editor, I feel that I must respond to Mary Carpenter’s letter to the editor in which she rudely labels two informed Mariposa patriots, myself being one of them and Marie Francis the other, as liars and Trump haters. She hatefully compares those in the U.S. press who expose Trump’s corruption to Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Party’s chief propagandist. Disgusting. Mary […]

A sucker born every minute

Editor, Based on his affection and affinity towards certain world leaders, Trump’s favorite countries seem to be Russia, Turkey, North Korea and Saudi Arabia. All autocratic, all thoroughly corrupt. Yet we are supposed to believe that ending corruption in tiny Ukraine was of utmost importance to this president, when he has done nothing to eliminate corruption in the other countries. […]

Buttigieg full of sin

Editor, In the Wall Street Journal of Dec. 14, Pete Buttigieg’s psychotherapist stated that she likes Pete’s liberal Christianity, saying, “He hasn’t let anyone else co-opt his spiritual life.” Huh? Wrong, doc, since to be a Christian one must believe in the trinity and nowhere in the New Testament does God the Father or God the Son or God the […]

Corruption, rabbling, beauty

Editor, Re: The three Dec. 26 letters to the editor. Bruce Poenitet, agree, this little town is rife with corruption and, if heaven forbid, Cox should lose his shameful battle with the county, wait’ll you see who buys what is left of his property. Ya ain’t see nothin’ yet. Gerry Edwards, kudos to you. Many great visionaries in our country […]

Urges healthy living

Editor, I have written to President Trump requesting that he declare the week between Christmas and New Years Day as National Seniors Visiting Week. Socializing is an important aspect of good health. Donna MarksMariposa … An online subscription is required to view news content on this website. To continue reading please enter your username and password below. Not a subscriber? […]

Trump haters have no clue

Editor, I read the first two letters to the editor in the Dec. 19, 2019 Mariposa Gazette and cringed at how our society has come to hate someone, especially a President, so vitreously. I did a little searching of my own on the past few Presidents and wondered that these Trump haters might have spent their time better by researching […]

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