Board showing greed

Editor, It seems to me that many don’t understand the concept of “paying back,” “serving,” “volunteering” and “giving back” for the privilege of being an American. For many, it’s only “how much do I get paid?” That seems to matter a lot to some people, especially the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors! Perhaps some Americans need a refresher course in […]

Boze knows

Editor, For the folks holding government positions for what is considered substandard pay, the large path is already established for the out-of-California multi-million exodus of tax paying folks who can’t afford to live in the Golden State anymore. Thank you Cathi Boze for your salient remarks of Feb. 13. Fred BottinoMariposa … An online subscription is required to view news […]

Didn’t plan to be homeless

Editor, This letter concerns myself and others who lost their homes in the Detwiler Fire and were given trailers by Mariposa County Human Services. We all received a letter from the planning department a few months ago stating we could no longer live in them after July 2020. I don’t know everyone who has one of these trailers; however, the […]

Search your hearts for decency

Editor, Our community is an unquestionable red county. Republicans dominate the elections and State of Jefferson signs abound. However, is that conservative majority so intolerant that they would actually punish those with a different opinion? A few months ago I approached a local business to ask if I could host a meet and greet for Brynne Kennedy at that location. […]

Love is a valuable commodity

Editor, I encourage every Gazette reader to examine their self-being. Character is judged throughout one’s life by honesty, acts of kindness, giving, controlling anger, showing compassion and empathy and willingness to forgive. What is the most destructive force in the world today? It isn’t disease, nuclear disaster or climate change; it is hatred. What is the most valuable commodity in […]

Raise was right thing to do

Editor, About the supervisors pay increase: I think it was the right thing to do. The supervisors here are effectively the county executives. They directly oversee and manage employees, many of whom make considerably more than they do, even after the raise. The supervisors’ new base salary is less than that of more than 100 people they work with and […]

Maybe next year

Editor, With so many people claiming that the economy is so good, the “best ever,” why don’t I feel richer? If you are wondering the same thing, maybe a closer look at the past three years will reveal some answers. The tax cuts implemented in 2017 were designed to offer big tax breaks to the top 1 percent as well […]

Romney was right

Editor, President Trump’s acquittal by all but one Senate Republican, that being Utah Sen. Mitt Romney of Mormon faith, shows just how partisan our politics have become. And now Romney, because of his decision to follow his faith and conscience with his vote to convict President Trump for abuse of power, is being criticized and chastised by the president and […]

Justice is not always justice

Editor, Two years ago when Greg and Nicole bought the local newspaper, I thought we had moved from an era of one sided bias subjective journalism to a time of true objective factual reporting. I should not be too surprised at the turn of recent events here in the little town of Mariposa since it is virtually impossible to get […]

Correcting the record

Editor, We’ve been traveling, which is why I’m late commenting on two “old” news items. But comment I must, believing better late than never. The first involves the county’s new Economic Vitality Strategy and how the previous version was just “sitting on the shelf ” not being used. The Economic Development Corporation was actively working on projects in the previous […]

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