A rejoicing heart

Editor, Annie Starchman Bryant is quite an asset to our community. Her defense of our Constitution, and the rule of law, makes my heart rejoice. Barbara CramCatheys Valley … An online subscription is required to view news content on this website. To continue reading please enter your username and password below. Not a subscriber? Please click here to order a subscription. Existing […]

Let hospital opinions be known

Editor, Thank you Dr. Mosher for your recent Gazette publication regarding our current health care considerations. Subjects addressed provided pertinent information to consider, regarding the current “drive” for funding a new hospital to replace our John C Fremont Hospital. It is not a question of whether a facility is needed. We know it is. It is important that the need […]

What are solutions, Joe?

Editor, Joe Milo’s letter of June 10 left open a pretty hefty issue: namely, what should Mariposans do about our homeless problem before Joe retires here in a couple of years? You see, Mr. Milo has found that the homeless have been responsible for the 31-year decline of his hometown San Jose. Joe’s worried that the same thing will happen […]

Do some homework, Tom

Editor, Re: Tom McClintock’s letter in a recent Gazette. Some things are better left unsaid, some people left unheard. In his attempt to appear patriotic and true blue, Tom succeeded only in making a fool of himself; to wit, he implies — using the magic wand of Martin Luther Kind — “we’ve come so far.” So how come the people […]

Inspired by McClintock

Editor, I was inspired by Congressman Tom McClintock’s guest opinion in the May 27 edition of the Gazette. He has great wisdom and communicates so effectively. I heartily concur with his assessment of the issues and his common sense solutions based on reality and the core values our nation was founded upon. Thank you, Tom. Divide and conquer is the […]

Why BLM flag, Joe?

Editor, Why would (President Joe) Biden authorize and encourage the State Department to fly the BLM flag at embassies? Anyone with common sense can see that BLM is nothing more that a domestic terrorist organization specializing in violence and shakedowns. How does flying the BLM flag promote our national interests? Embassies are supposed to promote what is good about our […]

Can’t lead from behind

Editor, I had to shake my head at Tom McClintock’s absurd attempt to “mansplain” to us constituents the evil racist policies of liberals. (Guest opinion, May 27.) What is the opposite of “woke?” Whatever it is, his opinion piece exemplifies it. As for reaching “into the dead past,” many of us concerned about the future are reminded daily that, “the […]

Thanks to health department

Editor, Congratulations must be given to the Mariposa County Health Department for their excellent implementation and operation in providing vaccine shots at the fairgrounds. I didn’t expect this and thought I would be waiting and waiting and not getting anywhere. Not so! The place ran like clockwork, no wait time to speak of and everyone was so pleasant and helpful. […]

Homeless camps intolerable

Editor, I am planning to escape San Jose and retire to my Mariposa property in a couple of years. San Jose has been in a steady decline all 31 years I have been here. The homeless have greatly contributed to the recent significant decline and have now become a serious danger. The San Jose Fire Department now responds to over […]

Card of Thanks

Mariposa County High School ASB would like to thank Mariposa County Health Department, Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office, California Highway Patrol, Mariposa County Board of Supervisors, Mariposa County Public Works, California Department of Transportation, Celeste Azevedo and Linda Mayfield for making our first ever senior car parade a reality. Everyone we worked with was so willing to help and tirelessly supported […]

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