Testing process not fair

Editor, First I went through the screening to check my temperature, and then I went to my doctor, whom might not even be there. In the front, they stop and they ask you why do you think you need to be tested. Because I went to Merced, I said. There a lot of people not wearing masks there. And I […]

Library overdue to open

Editor, Churches are partially open, Yosemite is open with reservations, restaurants are open, stores are open, the museum sign says open; the library is still closed. I may be hard of hearing, but I’m not hard of seeing and hearing. I want to hold books in my hand. I have read all the books that I was planning to give […]

The Great Mask Debate of 2020

Editor, While we endure temperatures upwards of a hundred degrees, and tempers on edge, we have a perfect storm for division. I know our community is up to and strong enough for this. The “downer syndrome” plays out. The face you are used to seeing with a huge smile, be it your favorite cashier, druggist, friend or passerby, is now […]

Stay home, stay safe

Editor, I am sorry that Cynthian O’Bannon missed the point I was trying to make in a letter that appeared on the Gazette a couple of weeks ago. My observations about church attendance (or not) was to point out that some people were not following guidelines in place re: public gatherings. As I mentioned before, these people are an internal […]

Keep programs strong

Editor, I started paying into the Social Security fund over 50 years and now at this time in my life I am especially grateful that our country still supports this important program. In Mariposa County, jobs with good benefits are hard to come by. Many older residents depend on their Social Security checks to get by. Many continue to work […]

Ahead of their time

Editor, In “Protesters Make (a) Statement during Mariposa March,” I noticed that women led this. Hopefully, it will be a movement in Mariposa. The photograph of the protest sign, “End White Silence” was on target and that many are, “So Blind” targets what needs to happen. That young women led this follows in a tradition of Mariposa Pioneer tradition. We […]

Now is the time to act

Editor, All black lives matter. White silence is violence. We need a vaccine for racism. We really need community peace officers who have had comprehensive sensitivity training and can work well with social services. Sometimes, innocent victims are treated like suspects; everyone is not treated the same way. It’s just not fair. Now is the time to act and do […]

The arrogance of youth

Editor, In this opinion piece the young writer decries racism in white people, assuming white people are “drifting in darkness, veiled with hatred and bigotry.” Ah, the arrogance of youth! He points out that “black men and women are being lynched (his emphasis) across the country and all you (white people) care about is your iced coffee and cell phone….” […]

Mind you own business

Editor, In regards to the gal driving from church to church … Wow. Really? It’d be obvious that’s where people went to be and it’s their choice. With all due respect, you should concern yourself with protecting you and let them be concerned for themselves. Cythian O’BannonMariposa … An online subscription is required to view news content on this website. […]

Thanks from Manna House

Editor, Manna House of Mariposa volunteers would like to express their appreciation to Mariposa County Health and Human Services for keeping Manna House open from mid March to the end of May. In March we closed Manna House over concern for the safety of our volunteers, most of who are over 65, and our clients. We contacted Dr. Eric Sergienko […]

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