Cleanliness is key factor

Editor, It could be said the guys from San Francisco are well qualified at selling their services for the development of the precious creek property in Mariposa. And while there is virtually no doubt of its enchantment to an already beautiful part of Mariposa, what is glaringly absent in their new proposal is cost. Do we have the means without […]

Card of Thanks

The Mariposa County High School Grizzly softball program would like to thank the following sponsors and donors for their support of Lady Grizzly softball during the 2019 season. Thanks so much to: Loucks Embroidering, Allison Sierra, Pearson Excavating, Mariposa Take N Bake, Lou’s Speedy Lube, Paparazzi with Sherry Loucks, The Grovehouse, Pony Expresso, Beery’s Physical Therapy, Woodland Gas, Food and […]

Name of road needs changed

Editor, How many roads must a man walk down, starts a song by Bob Dylan. How many roads must an ambulance drive down before they realize they are on the wrong road? This happened last week in Mariposa County. Hunters Valley Road and Hunters Valley Mountain Access Road are two different roads. They parallel each other. One is a dirt […]

Group supports border declaration

Editor, The Mariposa County Republican Central Committee strongly supports President Trump’s emergency declaration regarding the border and his veto of the bill that passed rescinding the emergency declaration. The MCRCC is thankful for the efforts of the Trump administration and its continued work to stem the tide of people illegally crossing the border of the United States. Here are some […]

Disagrees with McClintock

Editor, I read Rep. Tom McClintock’s opinion in the Mariposa Gazette titled “Sky Not Falling.” I beg to disagree. I wish you had left out the first part, where you claim that rising Earth temperatures are both no big deal, and that humans aren’t a major cause. That is a big risk you are taking. The vast majority of climate […]

DeSandres a role model

Editor, In response to Coach DeSandres stepping down as the girls basketball coach and remaining the golf coach at Mariposa County High School. Trace and I grew up together, he in El Portal and me in Yosemite. Over the years we had many great sports battles including basketball and track. He was always quick with a joke and no one, […]

Volunteers being sought

Editor, Mountain Crisis Services has a long history of encouraging volunteers to contribute to ending domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking in our community. Mountain Crisis Services is seeking volunteers to join our dedicated team to make a change in countless lives that come through our agency. Currently, Mountain Crisis Services is pursuing dedicated and caring individuals to make […]

Voting by mail works

Editor, It was very surprising to read Congressman Tom McClintock’s recent speech in the House of Representatives, in which he said, “The reason we require election-day voting at a polling place is to assure voters cast their ballots in secret, after they had heard the entire debate and after verifying their identity to their neighbors.” Perhaps he’s not up to […]

We need Mariposa style

Editor, Mariposa County Chief Administrative Officer Dallin Kimble’s commentary in the Feb. 21 Gazette is a good effort, however, it may also be reminiscent of a college term paper lacking real world facts and experience. The fact is that Mariposa is a place with a good amount of natural beauty and resources not to be exploited indiscriminately, while being available […]

County Fire issue needs discussed

Editor, After reading Don Florence’s op-ed in the Feb. 28 Gazette, it was obvious to me he is much better informed than I am about our current fire protection problem in Mariposa County. I believe he has some good ideas on the subject and the best is to form another ad-hoc committee with hopes to find some solutions. I think […]

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