Facts about gun violence don’t lie

Editor, Let’s stop pretending for one minute. Every developed nation has video games. They all have varying degrees of mental illness. What those other modern societies do not have is the same easy access to rapid fire, large caliber rifles that hold high capacity ammunition magazines like we have in the U.S. It’s really simple. While conservative politicians, Fox News […]

Jones should be censured

Editor, Supervisor Merline Jones’ acerbic comments from his self-proclaimed “pulpit” are both disappointing and disconcerting. While he is certainly entitled to his own opinions and biases, I’m quite sure he was elected to carry out the business of his constituents, not to spout his anger over things that only pertain to him. (Perhaps he should look into Twitter. He can […]

‘Beat goes on’ in the county

Editor, Interesting that Mariposa County Public Works Director, Mike Healy, would require headline news, in the Gazette, to defend the ongoing neglect of maintenance on the disgraceful condition of Mariposa County roads. Also take note that other than Merced Falls road, that’s in dire need of paving, no disasters were given for the Coulterville, Greeley Hill areas. Must have a […]

Needs help, can’t get it

Editor, My name is Nick Bollinger, Mariposa County High School Class of ‘98. I’m legally blind and live in Mariposa on a HUD Section 8 voucher at Mariposa Terrace Apartments on Coakley Circle, right in town across the street from Burger King. For over a year and a half, I have been denied a Reasonable Accommodation Request to be moved […]

Leaving Dodge an alternative

Editor, From the looks of things mentioned in the last issue of the Gazette, some of our administrators who follow practicing what may be referenced as malfeasance or perhaps criminal activity, will be biting the dust. It’s a perspective that I’m witnessing from other members of our taxpaying citizenry these recent days. Leaving Dodge, so to speak, might be an […]

Can’t wait for Merlin Jones to be gone

Editor, Everyone knows the adage “he who doth protest too much… “must be feeling nervous or guilty? Merlin Jones protesting that he has done “nothing wrong” is like a bear claiming not to defecate in the woods. Not only did he threaten the elderly in Greeley Hill that he would take their property from them if they did not vote […]

Jones is all about himself

Editor, Mariposa County Supervisor Merlin Jones is all about self-interest… For a public official Merlin Jones and a school employee to defend past Mariposa County Unified School District superintendent, Robin Hopper’s, DUI and assaulting two members of law enforcement publicly at an emergency MCUSD board meeting should not represent the people and students in Mariposa County. It’s truly unbelievable. Merlin […]

Intersection needs fixed

Editor, I live near the corner of Smith and Hospital roads. This busy intersection needs two more stop signs and three crosswalks. The speed limit is 25 miles per hour, but drivers are cresting the hill at 30 or faster and they encounter children, dog walkers, elders and wildlife crossing 24 hours a day. It would take so little effort […]

Stan thankful to the community

Editor, To all my loyal customers, friends and family: After 21 years in business, we at Stan’s Body Shop located at 4992 Old Highway in Mariposa have decided to close our doors. We can’t fully express our deep gratitude for your business and support. Working with all of you has been nothing but an absolute pleasure. It has been one […]

The soul of the county

Editor, We are in a battle for the soul of Mariposa County. Are we the Mother of Counties with a rich diverse cultural, historical and agricultural heritage, or are we just another part of Yosemite National Park? It is time for you to decide. We, the taxpayers, funded yogg, LLC consultants based in Richmond, Va., in the amount of $55,250 […]

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