Malfeasance, Trumpism, the trail

Editor, I just received a copy of resolution 04-20 concerning the hospital’s request to the board of supervisors to adopt a 1 percent sales tax from the county to support the continuation of its service. My first reaction is that bad management has allowed the hospital to go broke, or insolvent prior to the November election. In other words, malfeasance […]

The Merchant of Venice

Editor, Mr.Christensen, 186,000 is 3 X 62,000. That number of U.S. Covid-19 deaths by Sept. 1 is quite probable unless everyone gets a whole lot smarter. And 248,000 (4 X 62,000) by Nov. 3 is quite possible. Social Security deductions are 6.2 percent each for employee and employer, Medicare 1.45 percent each. An employee making $60,000 would pay 7.65 percent […]

Dear Mr. Collier …

Editor, I read the opinion by Bill Collier and certainly appreciate all the research he did with facts and statistics, it’s a lot of work. I believe that since Mr. Collier wrote his opinion that more research has come out. Published Thursday, July 30 in JAMA Pediatrics, tested 145 people for evidence of the virus’s RNA. After breaking their participants […]

History repeating itself

Editor, The story of the American revolution is one of the oppressed standing against tyranny and the overwhelming greed of those in power. It began with protests which lead to rioting which led to bloodshed and freedom. It began with the death of an innocent child and a man of mixed race (black and indigenous), Crispus Attucks. All over this […]

Long, Jones lack ethics

Editor, On Aug. 4, the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors voted to deny our request to vacate a public service easement on the south side of our Lake Don Pedro property, a minor event compared to the challenges before all of us today except we were publicly called liars by two supervisors based on faulty evidence. This pertained to a […]

Whole community should be focus

Editor, Defunding the police is a common misnomer for redefining the role of our police departments. Many have conflated it to mean eliminating police departments altogether, which virtually no one thinks is a good idea. However, over the course of the past several decades, the duties of officers have expanded beyond their original purpose, now including many aspects of society […]

No need for personal assassinations

Editor, So here I sit at the keyboard pondering how to respond to some opinion letters about yours truly. First, I need to say opinions are like extra body parts, everyone wants them. In all my years of writing I have never directly attacked and named by name anyone writing an opinion. To do so is an attempt to kill […]

Progressives miss the mark

Editor, The “Your View” of the July 30, 2020 Mariposa Gazette seemed to be the “Progressives” on the attack. I hope poor Mr. Collier had on a crash helmet because Tom DeVries and Peter Beck sure beat him over the head with their scorching remarks. As all so called “Progressives” have a knack at doing, they inflate their numbers (which […]

Not tolerating Trumpism

Editor, Gerry Edwards struck a nerve with his letter entitled “Just an old Man’s Opinion” published in the July 23, 2020 edition of the Mariposa Gazette. The title apparently comes from his second sentence where he writes, “All views I express here today are just opinions of a 73-year-old who is an observer, and a person who would claim to […]

A compromise on masks

Editor, As a substitute teacher, one of my most important challenges is in giving extra attention, especially eye contact, to the students who have felt neglected in their lives. Often they are one of the youngest in their families, such as Donald Trump, who is the fourth of five children. It’s clear to me that many of the people who […]

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