Oh deer, watch out!

Editor, In Mariposa County, every year hundreds of deer are killed by cars. Hundreds of cars are killed by deer (in retaliation, I suppose). Look out and slow down. Mike QuinnMariposa … An online subscription is required to view news content on this website. To continue reading please enter your username and password below. Not a subscriber? Please click here to order […]

Collier the comedian?

Editor, I wonder if Gazette reader Bill Collier is considering a second career in comedy? Joe Biden hasn’t been elected America’s next president? Ha ha ha ha ha! Collier saves his best howler for last. He calls fired forever Trumper lawyer Sidney Powell “universally respected.” Only in the MAGAverse! Powell’s dead dictator Communist conspiracy theory was too much even for […]

Respect? Seriously, Bill Collier

Editor, I have long respected Bill Collier’s fiery passion for his country as shown by his letters, even though I disagree with much of their content. His recent letter merits much response, but I’d like to focus on the two “universally respected lawyers” he mentions. Sidney Powell has been fired from Trump’s team of attorneys. To be fair, this happened […]

Descending into hate

Editor, This is in reference to Mr. Price Little’s piece on how elections actually work in the Nov. 10 edition of the Mariposa Gazette. Over the past three-plus years, I thought I had seen every pejorative word that could be used to denigrated the president of the United States of America. Mr. Little has used quite a few of those […]

Debunking Price’s theories

Editor, A 36-year veteran of teaching English and communications to public high school students, I’m saddened to read Price Little’s Nov. 19 diatribe condemning Trump and his supporters. It’s a rant against misinformation by the classically misinformed. It is rarely the fault of the young, whose inexperience is used against them at many of today’s educational institutions, where factual evidence […]

Gazette sinks to new low

Editor, With the publication of “Price Point” in the Nov. 19 edition, the Gazette has crashed to a new low. The bulk of the composition is of no consequence, and falls within the purview of President Reagan’s comment that the problem with those on the left is that they know so much that isn’t so. The problem is in the […]

Collier needs a history lesson

Editor, This is a short response correcting Mr. Collier’s correction of Mr. (Price) Little’s opinion piece from Nov. 18. While there is no “office” of the “president elect” this title is legitimate and meaningful. For one thing, once the president-elect has been determined it allows that person to be briefed on important matters of national security and other essential matters […]

Trump lost, get over it

Editor, Mr. (Bill) Collier presented some facts as a counterpoint to Mr. (Price) Little’s commentary. However, much of what was said is either common knowledge or is not at odds with the original commentary, or in some cases, is wrong. We are a republic and republics are a system of government most likely to support democracy. In short, they are […]

A lesson for Price Little

Editor, This short comment is in response to the commentary in the Mariposa Gazette on Nov. 18. First, I appreciate Price Little expressing his opinion. However, I could not resist writing a short response to encourage and correct Price Little on his comprehension of election law and our dear Constitution. I have attached a copy of the U.S. Constitution in […]

Tell us what to expect

Editor, Surrounding counties have a 10 p.m. curfew. The Fresno County sheriff and Fresno police chief have stated that they will not enforce it. I hope we never need one, but if it happens, then our health officer, sheriff, and district attorney should get together and offer a single unified statement that tells us what they expect from us and […]

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