Stop with the nicey-nice

Editor, In a recent Gazette, you write: “We don’t have to tolerate ignorance, hate and malice.” And we don’t, but we will, as long as we throw our moral compass to the winds in favor of “political correctness,” the new trend, which has taken over our country. “You just killed your father? Poor dear, you should cut down on all […]

Ask the DMV – More online services set


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the California DMV is increasing the number of transactions that can be completed without a visit to a field office. The DMV has several methods to serve customers, including online self-service options, through DMV Now kiosks or via a DMV business partner so that customers can “visit” the DMV by other means. The following questions […]

Of bloviators and more

Editor, Kudos to the Mariposa County Health Department, the Rotary Club of Mariposa and all of the other volunteers who made my Covid-19 vaccine jab go so smoothly last week. I am so proud of our county being ahead of the game despite having more than its share of disinformation super spreaders like Supervisor Marshall Long and Gazette bloviator Bill […]

Passes wave of the future

Editor, I have always been a opposed to newspapers posting letters filled with half truths. Dave Miller’s wife has seen the results of Covid infections and yet he wants to open up again? After reading his letter and just because he lives next to Yosemite, he has just as much right to the park as some person living in Hoboken. […]

Citizens deserve better

Editor, I’ve got a lot of other things to pay attention to in life and I’ve minded my own business here in Mariposa, so I don’t see the paper often. I catch up two or three editions monthly. To be honest, I’ve avoided the opinion page as it gets ugly and is an ongoing food fight here. However, with journalism […]

Fix homeless problem

Editor, I am 78 years old and was in fear for my life when a homeless person recently confronted me outside Pioneer Market. This person has been living in her car across the street from Bob Blackburn’s Mountain Automotive on 8th Street for 13 months. Bob has complained and many other people have complained to the sheriff many times. The […]

Enough, already!

Editor, It is several years past time for we, the resident taxpayers of Mariposa County, to demand accountability from our elected officials. First, and foremost, it is quite evident the major direction and decisions of the county have been delegated to the inexperienced CAO Dallin Kimble. During Kimble’s employment, he has merged both the health department and the senior services […]

Truth, the first casualty

Editor, I appreciate the editor of the Mariposa Gazette for printing Thomas Jones’ letter entitled, “Poor Bill Collier” (April 1) ridiculing me and my letter that was published in Gazette on March 18. The letter was in defense of our Constitutional rights, particularly the Bill of Rights. I genuinely appreciate the Gazette for consistently supporting free speech. Yes, Mr. Jones, […]

Tell us the truth, doctor

Editor’s note: This letter was sent to Dr. Eric Sergienko, the Mariposa County Public Health officer. Editor, I saw that you clearly implied in the Yosemite Gateway meeting today (last Thursday) that there is a correlation between outdoor recreation and covid transmission. You also stated something to the effect that data matters not dates. However, you never bothered to state […]

What’s up, MPUD?

Editor, I attended the last two MPUD meetings regarding the much-needed Creekside Terrace affordable housing project. I was disturbed to say the least. MPUD is endangering this project because “horizontal drilling” is not in the 15-year-old “standards.” Horizontal drilling is a common practice. The NPS uses horizontal drilling in Yosemite. Caltrans has required horizontal drilling for at least 15 years. […]

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