Anti-vax domestic terrorists

Editor, They scour the right wing media to pump them up, and then editorialize with a dose of religiosity. They submit their beliefs to our kindly newspaper. Who in turn kindly prints them for “fair” coverage and the audience you, me and others who might be easily influenced by their words consumes it. I know we don’t have to read […]

Misspoke about church stance

Editor, This is in response to Peter Back’s letter on July 15. It seems that I misspoke. The president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints “urged” us to be vaccinated. Our church highly values one’s agency to decide for oneself what is best and safe. “As appropriate opportunities become available, the Church urges its members, employees and […]

Employment issues are multifaceted

Editor, Okay, I’m going to take a moment to address this whole “No one wants to work” nonsense without pointing fingers or assigning blame to employers or employees. Y’all ready? Here’s a handful of reasons that it’s become harder to fill those job slots that have nothing to do with pay, benefits, job quality or unemployment. 1. Around 600,000 people […]

Only God can soften hearts

Editor, Each human life begins at fertilization and is genetically distinct from its mother. Very early in the intrauterine development of this life, the heart begins to beat and pain receptors function. The baby can feel pain. When old enough, the baby can move its arms and legs, hear external sounds, swallow and even hiccup. Given all of these characteristics, […]

Beware of flea collars

Editor, Some of your readers may not be aware that the flea and tick collars with the brand name Seresto may pose a threat to their dogs and cats. Lawsuits and Congressional investigations into this matter are ongoing, and the EPA has received 75,000 complaints, including harm to both pets and humans, and 1,698 reports of pet deaths. The EPA […]

The good Covid news

Editor, Good news about Covid 19: “Ninety nine percent of people dying of Covid now are unvaccinated people,” said Dr. Stuart Ray, M.D., professor of infectious diseases at Johns Hopkins University. The vaccines are effective. He was interviewed on July 11, on the Sunday Show (minute 1:13), radio KPFA (the program is archived on the internet). He also said, “the […]

Marxist movement won’t work

Editor, Important elections are coming upon us and it is very important that legitimate voters take the time to thoroughly digest what direction you want this country to go. If this Marxist/socialist movement continues to erode our constitution it will eventually eliminate capitalism, family, health, faith and our freedom. Absolutely no country has ever been successful under that type of […]

Okay with pair getting Covid-19

Editor, I am perfectly fine with Gazette readers Bill Collier and Brian Moore declaring themselves to be anti-vaxers now that Covid-19 vaccines are available for free to all Americans who want one. May their doses be given to folks waiting in less fortunate countries. The lightning-quick creation of vaccines by scientists and superb distribution by the Biden Administration are nothing […]

What happened to postal service?

Editor, In recent months I have had packages missing or stolen from my mailbox after they were supposedly scanned by the carrier and left in my mailbox. Oddly enough, I know for a fact the packages were too large for my mailbox but the carrier swears they were put in my mailbox. We have since notified our local post office […]

Commended for writing opinion

Editor, Brian D. Moore and Bill Collier are to be commended for the thoughtfulness and industry shown in their recent opinion pieces. Surely they must know that they can’t please everyone, and there will be a few people out there who see their pieces as a mixture of undeniable fact, questionable logic and utter nonsense. I, for one, would like […]

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