Dispensaries solve many issues

Editor, Thank you for your recent commentary on marijuana dispensaries and how the county is blocking the will of the voters by not allowing them. Not only is there an impact reduced taxes, but also jobs — the dispensaries will provide some jobs for the county. But in particular I wanted to address your comment about deliveries of marijuana; that […]

Vaccinations: our only chance

Editor, Good day to all you folks out there. Now, I’m not going one to get involved in arguments, debates or anything that has to do with politics. But, I’m good at pissing people off. Ask anyone in Mariposa County, and 99 percent of them would tell you they would rather see me dead than to listen or read anything […]

Varney adds to the good newspaper

Editor, Wow, I just read Jessica Varney’s column, and I must say thank you for unearthing her and “dusting her off.” I was uplifted and inspired by what she had to say and, as a writer all my life, I was impressed with her crisp, unique styles and her Truman Capote “clear as a country creek” writing. With all your […]

More Andreas, less Tom, please

Editor, Thank you for your recent coverage of Andreas Borgeas. Borgeas is one of those rare, hard-working politicians who seems to put the needs of his constituency ahead of party politics. He is a smart, even-tempered, practical politician who actually lives in the district he represents. As someone who typically votes Democrat, I have nevertheless come to respect Senator Borgeas […]

The mess that is PG&E

Editor, PG&E recently cut down one of my trees to protect their power lines. I understand the need for that, however, they left uncut logs all over my property and a stump about 2-1/2 feet in diameter in the ground. I called to see if they would clean up their mess and they sent someone out who stated that it […]

Time to clean house

Editor, As the Gazette stated, the Jerry Cox case is evolving into a circus. A circus that could have been avoided. One might possibly forget, after all the mayhem of the past six-plus years, this costly crusade started with former District Attorney Tom Cooke. His attempt to crucify Cox would have played out better if he would have sought justice […]

Government on downward spiral

Editor, Once again election is just around the corner and it’s way past time for evaluation of our local county government. For the past few years absolutely nothing has been put in place to benefit the resident taxpayers. No upscale visitors center or a community center to accommodate our symphony orchestra or bring storytelling, cowboy poetry, etc. to our community. […]

A cause to unite us

Editor, Regarding my visit to the Nation’s Christmas Tree in Mariposa on Nov. 4. I wanted so much to be there and to take my dog Schquita along. She used to love adventure. Put on her red halter and we headed out. Parked and walked. Schquita had to sniff everything and I was getting tired. Almost there, she shimmied out […]

Spear’s claim is pure BS

Editor, News flash! Everyone who has received a Covid vaccine has irreparable cardiovascular damage! Why are news outlets covering this up? Dennis Spear’s Oct. 28 opinion piece quotes an affidavit filed in a lawsuit by a lieutenant colonel surgeon asserting the above. My guess is news outlets aren’t reporting this because it’s complete bullshit. Where are the bodies? Every person […]

The underlying cause

Editor, A recent letter, “Baffled…,” cited a link to an article, without stating what specifically the citation was for. I went to the article, and it concluded, “Had the CDC used the 2003 guidelines for reporting deaths, the total Covid-19 be [sic] approximately 16.7 times lower than is currently being reported.” Presumably this was the intent of the citation. Robert […]

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