Sending wrong message

Editor, Many of the folks who live in Mariposa have traveled on Jessie Street near 10th Street and seen the house there that has chosen to still support our former president with banners and flags. That is, of course, his constitutional right of freedom of speech which must be protected at all cost. But in addition he has a large […]

What is a worthy opinion?

Editor, I think it is a sad critique of humanity when a lie travels around the world ten times as fast as the truth. Or that sometimes, the truth never gets out of the starting gate. I understand the role that social media plays. It isn’t the medium that makes it what it is, it’s the players. A case in […]

Simply never forget

Editor, Two years after the 9/11 tragedy, I went to New York and saw the huge hole where the twin towers once stood and it took my breath away. Cleanup was still being done. Yesterday, even though I wasn’t feeling well, I drove to town from Bootjack to see the 9/11 memorial in the Art Park to honor those who […]

Waiting for a solution

Editor, On Sunday, Sept 12, at 6 a.m. I was awakened by a phone call from my next door neighbor telling me there was a river in my backyard. It was 10 feet wide and six inches deep. My property sits a little higher than hers so there was a waterfall to her property as well as a flood into […]

Amazed at ignorance

Editor, I can’t decide if Gazette reader and anti vaxxer Harry Strawbridge is guilty of the kind of fear mongering that fellow traveler Ruth Fissel sarcastically ranted against or if he is just ignorant of the scientific method. Does Strawbridge really think 6,000 Americans have died from taking a Covid-19 vaccine? The CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System includes deaths […]

The Nanobots are coming

Editor, The Catholic Church has always taught that scripture is to be taken literally to avoid defusing human opinions and rationalizations since from the beginning of all things written have come to pass, or will pass by divine design, like what is happening today but written 2,000 years ago by St. John in the last book of the bible (Revelations […]

Wanted: Adults in room

Editor, Harry Strawbridge’s letter about vaccines inspires further thought. First and foremost: there’s a fully approved vaccine out there now. That ought to be enough. When the polio vaccine came out, there was also hesitation, but not as extreme. People came around, and we wrestled polio to the ground. Fortunately, we don’t just have pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine people today. There’s […]

Why didn’t I think of that?

Editor, I have had an epiphany. I want to share with all of you my brilliant answer to any imaginary financial problem you may, mistakenly I assure you, believe you have. The answer came to me as I read the article quoting the chairman of the House Budget Committee, representative John Yarmuth (D-Ky). Let us consider for a moment the […]

Please accept apology

Editor, To the town of Mariposa: I would like to apologize for any offenses committed against your town. Mariposa has shown me only the best hospitality, not deserved, nonetheless setting the bar high for the pride and well mannered of a small town! Through this kind of behavior, restoration has been gained. Please accept my apologizes as a guest in […]

Rock on, Rudy

Editor, Sheriff (deputy) Rudy Mirelez is a rock! He has so much love, care and concern for the ones who need him. If you’ve ever had a sheriff come to your house, they give you a card, and say if you need anything … Rudy is one that you can depend on, to hold true to his word. I called […]

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