Can’t imagine life without hospital

Editor, We have lived in Mariposa since 1970, and during that time we have used the services of JC Fremont Clinics and Hospital, including the ER. We have always appreciated the professional care we have received from doctors, nurses and staff. Frankly, I can’t imagine our town without our hospital, can you? No ER, no helicopter, no acute care, no […]

Vote no on Prop 13

Editor, Most of us are aware of the 1978 Proposition 13 that saved many taxpayers from losing their homes because they could not pay their property taxes. However, there is an effort underway to get a measure on the November ballot that would attack Proposition 13 in an attempt to strip its protections, and interestingly, it is also called Measure […]

What is competitive pay?

Editor, About the pay for supervisors. David Silverman seems to believe (Gazette, Feb. 20) the supervisors should be volunteers “like members of the Armed Forces” who serve “for a small pittance.” Okay. The new pay scale for the supervisors is about what an non-com E-8 or E-9 makes. In other words, the cash pay is what we give an Army […]

Sellers owed apology

Editor, First of all, I would like to take the time to thank everyone who spent countless hours putting together the referendum and gather signatures about repealing the raise of the board of supervisors. Everyone who signed is also to be commended on stepping up and showing how a democracy works. Now on to the meat of my opinion here. […]

A ‘Rush’ to (poor) judgment

Editor, What kind of world are we living in that Rush Limbaugh should receive the Medal of Freedom? Rush Limbaugh, who has made a career of vilifying the liberal half of the country, who has used the airwaves to shame women, demonize immigrants, ridicule gays and create as much divisiveness as he possibly can. You could find past recipients who, […]

State has a rock shed problem

Editor, I’m not a big letter writer, but after reading Mr. Hunter’s opinion, I guess it’s time to throw in my two cents worth. Couldn’t agree more with Mr. Hunter. I have some knowledge about landslides. Having worked as a heavy equipment operator on many slides on Highway 1, between Ragged Point and Big Sur from the late 70s through […]

GOP mailing is ‘dirty tricks’

Editor, The Republican National Committee is sending out fake census forms labeled “2020 Congressional District Census.” They are sending them in envelopes labeled “Do Not Destroy. Official Document” and including a lengthy questionnaire on blue-tinted paper similar to the type used by the real census. These questions are largely made up of political questions which are not part of the […]

When pigs drive

Editor, I have lived about a half mile down a main road for close to 35 years. This is the first time I was compelled to pick up the trash along the road. I picked up almost three bags full of trash and only picked what could be seen from the road. There were large bags full of trash in […]

Beware parasites from cats

Editor, A sick Hawaiian seal, as reported by wildlife officials, is “suffering from a parasitic infection often spread via feral cat feces.” Huh? It’s certainly interesting the protectors of wildlife have identified the ascaris parasite, which is found in all cat fecal matter, as the cause. But unless you were a seal, cat fecal matter has not been identified as […]

Board showing greed

Editor, It seems to me that many don’t understand the concept of “paying back,” “serving,” “volunteering” and “giving back” for the privilege of being an American. For many, it’s only “how much do I get paid?” That seems to matter a lot to some people, especially the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors! Perhaps some Americans need a refresher course in […]

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