Getting back into the game


 Sometimes, taking a break from a routine is a healthy exercise. Such is the case with me when it comes to writing opinion columns. I wrote my first column nearly 40 years ago and have been writing them pretty regularly ever since. But for the past couple of years, I took a break from the weekly exercise. There were many […]

Biomass plant not good for Mariposa County

Editor, One more unproven project promoted by a chosen few is of great concern to many of us residing in close proximity to the proposed biomass site. Yes, the current front page article in the Mariposa Gazette regarding the proposed Biomass plant is crucial. Allowing this plant an unconditional use permit in the light manufacturing zone is unacceptable. The site […]

Had enough of McClintock?

Editor, After reading Wendy Brown’s latest letter I decided to write one of my own. Ours is still a fairly conservative region by most standards. Local liberal folks used to feel a little apologetic, in fact. Not now. Wendy really did need to answer a “barrage” of letters against our congressman (a decade of experience!), Tom McClintock. Those critical letters […]

Gardening in climate change


Gardening in this time of increasing global temperatures, rising sea levels and changing environments is challenging to say the least. In our own locale, we notice significant impact on our backyard habitats: • With higher average temperatures and inconsistent precipitation, plants are blooming earlier and growing seasons are becoming unpredictable. Even warm-weather plants like tomatoes are producing poorly because of […]

Vote Smallcombe for supervisor

Editor, We were very happy to read in the Gazette that Rosemarie Smallcombe is planning to run for reelection. As 37-year residents of Mariposa County and of District 1, we wholeheartedly endorse Rosemarie Smallcombe for re-election as Supervisor for District 1. Throughout her first term she has worked tirelessly for all the residents of Mariposa County, and has been proactive […]

Left embracing socialism

Editor, I have watched the continual bombardment and bashing of our good Congressman Tom McClintock. The vitriol is mean-spirited and childish not to mention disingenuous. It is from an organized effort with rehearsed talking points and guidelines probably generated by the same source. The group think is so intense that they do not even realize when the same letter is […]

Representative McClintock not environmentally friendly

Editor, Mariposa County is our home, a place we’re proud of for its people, rural lifestyle and generations of families and native people who’ve influenced our surroundings and way of life. Approximately 55 percent of Mariposa County is federal lands (i.e., National Park Service (NPS), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Forest Service (USFS) etc.). They constitute part of our uniqueness […]

Supports Wall for district attorney

Editor, I am writing this letter to the editor with total support for Walter Wall running for the position of Mariposa County District Attorney. There are a few concerns I have over Mr. Tom Cooke’s ability to keep his position as our district attorney. One would be how he handled the Jerry Cox false rape case. After receiving advice from […]

The truth about the tax cuts

Editor, Tax cuts are easy. They are popular. Everyone wants one. But there is a cost to them that needs to be acknowledged. If the average American (family of four) who has a salary of $60,000 saves $2,000 on annual taxes (or $38.50 per week) they are happy. And why not? They can go out to a movie or dinner […]

Supports Long for supervisor

Editor, I have been pleasantly surprised at the performance of Supervisor Marshall Long for District 3. I did not know him until he ran and won his office. Since then I have worked with him in many venues and have found him to be dedicated to Mariposa County — all of Mariposa County. His work with the “Made in Mariposa” […]

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