Forty years later, recollections of the Space Shuttle Columbia


This photo is of the author taken on March 27, 2000, as Evans was entering Columbia’s crew hatch to do an interior tour of the vehicle.I was raised on the space program, watching John Glenn launch into orbit, Ed White walk in space and Neil Armstrong plant his bootprints on the Moon. Twelve years after that seminal event, I was […]

CA’s new homestead exemption


Anita Starchman-BryantOn Sept. 15, 2020, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1885 into law, substantially increasing the “homestead exemption” for personal residences throughout California, effective Jan. 1 of this year. The statute can be found at California Code of Civil Procedure Section 704.730. Your “homestead” is defined as your principal dwelling in which you reside. The definition of dwelling includes […]

We cannot accept defeat


 As Native people we have always had an understanding of an unexplainable feeling, we can’t put it into words or even begin to help people understand the spiritual deep knowing of our historical truths, our blood just remembers. When we speak, we need to take back those stolen spaces and places with ancestral knowledge. We should be talking about where […]

Multiple raised bed options


Raised garden beds generally yield more produce that traditional gardens. What’s more, the tools needed to build and maintain raised beds can be limited to a garden fork, a rake, a shovel and a hand trowel. The goal is to create a bed of loose, fertile soil that you never step on. The size of the bed matters — you […]

What is the true reason behind MPUD decision?


The Mariposa Public Utility District is an entity that many times “goes under the radar.” To be clear, the district has done a great job over the last couple of decades upgrading the water and sewer systems in Mariposa. They have also spent money upgrading lines and have made it so there is plenty of room for expansion of the […]



Charles MosherRetired! Now what? Luckily, many of my patients over the years were in the same predicament cat-bird seat. So I have seen the models. Model #1 involves a couch, a TV and lots of beer. Initially. Later, it’s lots of vodka. I’ve seen the blood tests on these folks, so — no. Model #2 involves cruise ships, tour guides […]

Deb Haaland (really) needs our thoughts and prayers


Kudos and a shoutout to Allen Laman for his feature article, “She’ll help out everybody.” I am phoning in your Pulitzer. Two of the most incredible Americans in history, Deb Haaland and Bill Tucker, on the front page of the Gazette, standing in Yosemite and soaking it all in. Something that hasn’t always been easy to do. For thousands of […]

We can be much better than this, America


 For the life of me, I cannot understand the continued hatefulness happening in this country when it comes to minorities. We’ve all watched it unfold and, to be mild, it isn’t pretty. I saw a clip of a woman in New York who was railing against the owner of a bakery because wearing a face mask was required in the […]

Words matter


President Joe Biden said: “Words matter.” I’d been bothered for years! Educators, teachers particularly in Mariposa, have been held accountable in multiple incidents about their “words.” Yet, on Facebook and Twitter, and even in the general TV media, the former president didn’t seem to be held accountable by too many in Mariposa. Included were high county government officials. In the […]

McClintock’s recent remarks in Congress

Tom McClintock Editor’s note: Rep. Tom McClintock, who represents Mariposa County as part of the Fourth Congressional District, delivered various remarks recently on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. We thought our readers would be interested in those remarks, which follow. About the southern border Last year, we finally achieved operational control of our southern border for the […]

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