Director of public works responds to criticism in recent letter to the editor


Last week there was an opinion submission in this space regarding weed spraying along road shoulders; allow me to share some factual data on this topic. Mariposa County Public Works awarded a contract for this season’s roadside spraying late last year and the application of pre-emergent and weed arresting agents began in December. Our contractor completed all of the roadside […]

The impacts of Apollo should be part of today


Humans walked on the Moon 50 years ago this week. But what lessons have we learned about this adventure and what will the future hold? This Saturday marks one of the greatest, if not the greatest, milestones in human history. It was July 20, 1969, when Neil Armstrong became the first human being to ever walk on another celestial body. […]

Hope comes in a time of crisis


Allison ByerleyThe late Methodist minister Jim Moore told this story of two men in a hospital room. Once upon a time, there were two men, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Thompson, both seriously ill in the same room of a great hospital. Both had to be kept unusually quiet and still — no reading, no radio, certainly no television and no […]

Blue Ridge is still removing trees; cooperation sought


Blue Ridge Service is currently making a push to complete removal of dead and dying trees that pose a hazard in Mariposa County. Many county residents have likely seen our crews out surveying further for additional trees that will need to be treated. During this process, our team has identified more trees that have died off since the initial start […]

The Golden Chain, part 1

Highway 49 and Pendola Gardens Road are shown in this undated photo. Editor’s note: this is the first in a three part series about Highway 49, known as the Golden Chain. Until 1940, State Route Highway 49 had its southern terminus at 8th and Jones streets. The highway was really the product of an effort by many businesses and counties […]

The complexities of county recycling

Shown is the air curtain burner located at the landfill in Mariposa. Submitted photoEditor’s note: This is the final in a three-part series of stories. Last week we examined how international policies can impact our ability to recycle locally. China’s decision to ban the import of recycled mixed paper from U.S. recyclers (aka, the National Sword), has caused the bottom […]

The ‘joint tenancy’ property differences


Anita Starchman-BryantCharacteristics of holding real property in “Joint Tenancy” How you own real property with another person can determine what happens to that real property should one of you die. Property held in “joint tenancy” transfers automatically to the surviving joint tenant(s) upon the moment a joint tenant dies. This right of survivorship means that those owners who survive the […]

The life and times of … California roads


 Last week, I interviewed Mike Healy, the director of the Mariposa County Department of Public Works, about roads. Roads are a passionate subject for many people, and rightly so. They are the mechanism which almost all of us use to go places. You know, work, the store, casino, you name it. We use the roads. During our conversation, I brought […]

Real estate market remains quite stable


These three graphics show various statistics about the current housing situation in Mariposa County. The real estate market continues to remain steady in the county. Six months into 2019 and we have 78 homes sold with a 12-month median of $305,000 ($321,702 average). Properly priced homes are selling at median of 60 days on market. There are presently 159 homes […]

A doctrine of vocation


Wynter Sturtevant IIIThe doctrine that comes to my mind more and more is the doctrine of vocation. I know many might shy away from talking about doctrine, but I would encourage you to take some time to think and study such things. R.C. Sproul wrote a book titled “Everyone’s a Theologian” and I believe that to be true. The doctrine […]

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