Stomping and cussing like a sailor can assist with sanity


There are days when I just want to scream. But being a grown, mature adult, instead I stomp around like a child and swear like a sailor. One of the things I have prided myself on in the past decade or two is the fact I have controlled my temper. As a young man, I was angry. Very angry. I […]

A history of EMS in the county: Part 1


Charles Mosher Here’s a flashback to the early days, told from the point of view of a volunteer ambulance attendant: The Old Miner calls 911 for an ambulance every week or two during the warm months, more often during the lonely winter. “Chest pain,” he’ll wheeze the magic words. “Like a fart turned sideways.” It’s my job to bring the […]

The foxes are guarding the hen house


The Gazette recently ran an article regarding new rules that will soon be implemented by the U.S. Forest Service. What was missing from the article was the fact that the new rules eliminate all review by the public for most projects in the national forests. They are going to build a road in your backyard? Open mining operations? You won’t […]

CHP keeping eye on portion of 49 North

Complaint received about boulders in road

The California Highway Patrol has been checking Highway 49 North for possible boulders in the road, but so far, there’s no evidence anything has been done intentionally. “Right now, we are keeping our eyes on it,” said Sgt. Paul Curtin of the CHP office in Mariposa. Curtin said a CHP officer did field a complaint from a citizen “that people […]

Yosemite West, water and the role of the park service


Leroy RadanovichSupervisor Rosemarie Smallcombe, and her perception that mistakes were made by past members of the board of supervisors, is very interesting. Perhaps it would be instructive to follow the history of Yosemite West to understand the problem and rediscover what she has. Starting in 1955 or so, speculative developers discovered Mariposa County didn’t have any restrictions, no general plan […]

In search of an eagle feather


A bald eagle in flight is shown in Mono County. CDFW photoQuestion: I am in search of an eagle feather for my grandson’s graduation. Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated. A’ho! (Cheryl W.) Answer: Virtually all birds — including carcasses, feathers, and other parts, as well as nests (except non-native) — are protected under the Migratory Bird […]

Use-of-force law changes in state


Anita Starchman-BryantA bill revising the standards for use of deadly force by peace officers has recently been passed by the California state legislature and approved by Governor Newsom. Penal Code Section 196 previously provided that a homicide committed by a peace officer was justifiable when necessarily committed in arresting a person who has committed a felony and the person is […]

Keeping the opinions on the opinion page crucial


 I try very hard to stay out of politics in this column, especially on the national level. But the recent trend in which politicians, and their followers, bash the news media in a blanket way has crawled under my skin. I’m sick of hearing about “fake news” and seeing the ridiculousness of people who claim everything they see and read […]

Feds need to fund pair of key programs


Kevin CannEditor’s note: The following article appeared in The Hill, a national publication which focuses on a wide variety of issues. America’s conservation legacy is second to none. There is no greater example than our vast expanses of national parks, forests and monuments. In fact, the national park concept began in the United States in the 1870s, when President Ulysses […]

It was a successful holiday weekend at the county fair


Kass BissmeyerWith just over 40 Made in Mariposa (MiM) small businesses squeezed into two booth spaces at the Mariposa County Fair, we sure had success again this year! Our numbers say we sold nearly 400 individual items, grossed over $5,300 and made approximately 20 FFA/4H buyers baskets. Our collective group is very content with these numbers and we are already […]

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