Educate yourself about ‘intelligence’


I am writing in response to the letter titled, “Drain the Swamp,” by Mr. Roger Warren. Your short comment was as offensive as intentional public flatulence! Please go educate yourself instead of drinking the Jonestown “Kool-Aid” and eating the “Kibbles and Bits” that’s being handed out to make America’s hate mongers feel better. The serious truth of the matter is […]

Defending our Constitution should be paramount for all of the people


 It’s amazing to me that I am about to embark on an opinion column defending the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. It seems to me the majority of people should know what it really means. But it also seems to me many people who scream about the Constitution really haven’t even read it, let alone understand […]

Are bounty hunters out of a job in California?


Anita Starchman-BryantCalifornia lawmakers have abolished cash bail for arrested individuals awaiting trial. Gov. Jerry Brown recently approved the new law, “The California Bail Reform Act” Senate Bill 10 (SB 10), on Aug. 28. The law goes into effect Oct. 1, 2019 and would eliminate the need for the California bail bond industry. The current cash bail system Currently, California has […]

Much is happening inside the Chamber


The Mariposa County Chamber of Commerce continues to make progress in its new direction under the leadership of our board of directors. Hopefully, you have seen some of our progress in action over the last 30 days — a new banner stretches across Highway 140 welcoming locals and visitors alike to Mariposa, the Mariposa trolley made its first official run […]

Work continues on removing trees


Our company, Blue Ridge Services (BRS), was selected by Mariposa County to oversee and manage their tree mortality mitigation project, and each week, we will be posting project updates in this column. We have recently welcomed a number of new team members to this project. Steve Garcia is our new safety officer, and you may see him out in the […]

Wildfires and fall garden techniques


This is a grape leaf damaged by the smoke.We know that wildfire smoke affects people’s health. Particles of burned plants and trees land on dust particles and are breathed into the lungs. However, this year’s Ferguson Fire not only affected you, it affected your plants. This summer’s Sierra foothill smoke has limited gardening in part by imposing health restrictions on […]

C’mon, man, follow them there rooos


 Many years ago, I was watching a NASCAR race where there was a red flag, meaning the cars had to stop while a wreck was being cleaned up. During the wait at the 2002 Daytona 500, former driver Sterling Marlin, who had been in the wreck with Jeff Gordon, got out of his car and began pulling out the fenders […]

The game isn’t over just quite yet


Allison ByerleyWell, football season is upon us! Teams are finalizing their rosters in preparation for the first official game of the season. In that spirit, I share this story with you. On New Year’s Day, 1929, Georgia Tech played UCLA in the Rose Bowl. In that game, a man named Roy Riggles recovered a fumble for California. Somehow, Riggles became […]

We have met the enemy, and it is us


The polarization in our country has degraded the public forum into a shouting match between two groups of emotionally charged, poorly informed, hyper-partisan folks desperately clutching to their “political beliefs.” Many “political beliefs” often hinge on tribal knowledge spawned from propaganda devoid of verifiable facts. Some question the very notion of what facts are, effectively warping reality for some people […]

McClintock out of touch with people


Apparently when Rep. Tom McClintock learned that his competitor for the District 4 seat in Congress actually came to Mariposa, he felt compelled to offer a rebuttal via the Mariposa Gazette. I found his assessment of the forest situation and wildfires in our county and state to be simplistic and naive, if not down-right “astounding.” If Mr. McClintock would visit […]

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