Land discussion is a positive step


A story on today’s front page focuses on the possibility of Mariposa County purchasing a large tract of land in Mariposa. Miles Menetrey, chairman of the board of supervisors, brought the item up for discussion. In fact, Menetrey has been talking about this piece of land consistently for a while now. He sees it as an opportunity for many things, […]

The late Birch Bayh and my brush with the U.S. presidency


This photo was on Facebook last week following the death of Birch Bayh. It was posted by Bob Jackson, who still lives in the Shirkieville area and has it on his wall. The photo is of a group of people who were waiting on the motorcade of Bayh just before his announcement he was running for the presidency. On the […]

Sky not falling


Tom McClintockAbraham Lincoln told the story of boarding with the family of a Presbyterian minister on the night of the greatest meteor shower ever recorded in North America. He was awakened by the minister who shouted, “Arise Abraham, for the heavens are falling and the day of judgment has arrived.” But Lincoln noticed that despite the hysteria around him and […]

Growing tomatoes in the Sierra: Part 1


Editor’s note: This is the first of a three-part series about growing tomatoes in the Sierra foothills. Part 2 and 3 will follow in the coming months. Although tomatoes need full sun and warm temperatures to thrive, there can be too much of a good thing. Tomatoes are adversely affected by temperature extremes. When temperatures stay over 90 degrees during […]

The west side of town


Show is the Dulcich’s Butterfly Market, coffee shop and telephone. The beer garden is the ivy-covered building to the right. I have tried to give you some indication of the commercial development along Highway 140 in 1943, the year of our arrival. For the most part, Mariposa had not changed very much until the highway was completed to El Portal […]

Help put an end to sexual assault crimes


 April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This year’s campaign, “I ask for consent,” focuses on ways that individuals, communities and the private sector can help prevent sexual violence. Nearly one in five women and one in 71 men are victims of sexual assault (Black et al., 2011), but all of us are impacted by sexual violence. In eight out of […]

You are the key for County Fire future


To the residents of Mariposa County: The 2018 fire season has recently come to an end. When fire season ends, CAL FIRE (red engines) closes some of their stations for the winter. CAL FIRE still responds to all calls, but it can and often does take longer to get to those in need of assistance. The Mariposa County Fire Department […]

We are all Americans


In order for us to solve problems, pass legislation and move forward as a country, engaging in self governance/democracy, it is essential that citizens with differing ideals and opinions be able to engage in debate. For this to be possible we need to be able to discuss these matters in both a respectful and fact based manner. This “agreeing to […]

Stop the theft of our water


Wendy BrownI recently attended a Water Symposium hosted by the Merced County Farm Bureau. A variety of topics were covered, such as the Bay Delta Plan, the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act or (SGMA), the Clean Water Rule, the impact of water on land values and water rights. But the best presentation, and my take away from the whole day, was […]

All we are is dust in the wind


This early picture of downtown Mariposa clearly shows the dirt streets and wooden sidewalks.. As a child, I recall most of the roads in Mariposa County were dirt. Dad sold feather dusters with wooden handles at the drug store, and one of mother’s chores was to dust daily. Every morning one of my early duties was to sweep the sidewalk […]

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