Proposed new development is really good news


Two weeks ago, a major announcement was made about the development of a hotel and apartments in Mariposa. The Brown Bear Hotel is being developed by a Mariposa native who wants to give back to his community. Rich Roesch founded Mercy Ambulance and has gone on to great success with ambulance services across the state and elsewhere. Now, he wants […]

Political Cartoon

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It’s simple — wear the f–ng mask!


Charles Mosher One of my more memorable patients, Mrs. X, was an 80-year-old woman who always arrived impeccably dressed, smelling of perfumed soap with carefully arranged hair. Her skin was smooth and almost translucent, like that of a woman 20 years younger. But I always had the sense that, beneath it, her bones were as thin and brittle as Irish […]

We are not all demons from hell sent to destroy the nation


 I usually am hopeful following a national election that things begin to calm down a bit and we can all slog ahead with our daily lives, or lack thereof. This time, though, I’m not as hopeful. It seems the viciousness and downright hate has not eased up but, in fact, is getting worse. I also find it funny how stories […]


A recent column we published about the presidential election has sparked a lot of debate, including many letters and opinions sent to this newspaper. Because of the many responses, we are printing as many as possible in this edition. Space limitations mean those opinions are being printed in another section of the paper. To read the opinions about the column, […]

Have faith in God’s word


Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Keep reading through the creation week to vs. 31. Ch. 2:1 “Thus the heavens and the earth, and all the host of them, were finished. Vs. 2 “And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and rested on the seventh day from all […]

It’s cold, but plant now


It’s cold outside now, but there are still options for the ambitious vegetable gardener. Consider planting these six winter vegetables: Winter lettuce selections include hardy varieties that grow easily throughout the cold months here. Direct sow lettuce seeds from mid-August to mid-September. Beyond those dates, you can sow seeds indoors in seedling trays and transplant the young seedlings about nine […]

A fine student made a fine point


Dear Mr. Bill Collier: Your letter attacking the veracity of Price Little’s assertions is appreciated, only, in that it’s respectful. The monthly column by Price Little was clearly biased toward a viewpoint that the defeated President Trump is a racist and other reprehensible thing. While I happen to believe Mr. Little’s claims, I have no way to look into the […]

Stay vigilant concerning Covid-19


The increase in Covid-19 cases is literally all around us. From a national level we are seeing case numbers jump quickly, surpassing numbers seen in the summer wave in July, and reaching the levels that were projected when we talking about “flattening the curve” in the spring. On a state level, we watched almost the entire state turn purple at […]

What’s wrong with starch on top of starch?


 As I was sitting at my desk pondering what diatribe I might come up with this week, a frozen turkey hit me in the head. Thanksgiving, of course. This is our Thanksgiving edition with a special section dedicated to local businesses, I reasoned, so why not. Of course, this year is quite different than Thanksgivings past. Covid-19 has changed the […]

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