Vere Geary



Vere Geary was born on July 1, 1930, in Santa Clara, Calif., with strong family ties to the city of San Francisco.

Vere moved to Mariposa in 1987 where she designed and oversaw the construction of her beautiful dream home, tucked amongst the trees. She loved her home and her terraced garden where she frequently entertained and enjoyed preparing gourmet meals for her friends. Vere was a gracious hostess, always eager to share her life’s lessons with those closest to her.

Early in Vere’s life, she was an accomplished actress, singer, writer and entertainer. She counted among her friends some of Hollywood’s most notable stars and executives.

While known for her diminutive figure, Vere always sought out adventures on the earth’s biggest frontiers. Vere had an unquenchable spirit of exploration that led her to circumnavigate the globe numerous times. It was not difficult to get Vere to regale you with stories about her escapades in far-off places. While listening to her recount her travels, it often felt like she was describing scenes from movies starring Bogart, Heyworth, Taylor or Hepburn. Some of her favorite journeys were to places like Africa, Alaska, Paris, Sicily, Venice, Egypt and New York. Even so, she was always proud to call Mariposa home.

While on her travels or at home, she had an enthusiastic appreciation for animals, cuisine, bridge, art, cinema, museums, theater and all things cultural. Vere particularly enjoyed the company of her pets. She often rescued abandoned animals and she was generous with her donations to organizations like the SPCA. Vere was also involved with the community donating her time to the Mariposa Museum and History Center, as well as the John C. Fremont Hospital Foundation.

Vere had a real appreciation for the best the world had to offer, and for all of her friends. Vere will be deeply missed.

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