Unclear when spring sports will return locallyFree Access

It’s probably safe to say most people have heard the news: school has been called off around the Mariposa County Unified School District, at least until Monday, March 23.

Mariposa isn’t the only county around the state to shut down its school system. Many other school districts have shuttered their classes for the time being.

This is due to concerns over COVID-19, the coronavirus which has been all over the news recently. The virus is spread easily and is spread through close contact, making it of utmost importance to avoid close quarters.

Obviously, with the closing of schools came the shutdown of athletic contests and practices.

For the time being, the athletes and coaches at Mariposa County High School have literally paused all of their activities.

It’s frustrating for many of the athletes and coaches.

The varsity Grizzly baseball team had won three games in a row and was beginning to pick up steam, making the pause in play espeically frustrating.

“We were getting into a rhythm. I know the kids are bummed. But hopefully we can play at the end of the year, but that would cram everything. It’s different,” said MCHS baseball coach Justin Kleinsmith. “It’s unfortunate, is what it is.”

Likewise, the track and field team had finally got its season underway and was ready to ramp things up.

“It is a little frustrating, but with the situation, we have to do what is safe for everybody,” said MCHS track coach Doug Johnson.

The Mariposa County Little League suspended all practices and games for the week of March 15-22. League officials plan to mirror the school district’s decisions, they said.

Overall, it is unclear when sports will resume or if they will resume in the area. In the meantime, athletes and coaches continue to wait for things to settle down.

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