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On behalf of the Mariposa Storytelling Committee 2020, I wanted to deeply express our gratitude to the Mariposa community for all of the donations and support that they offered leading up to the 33rd annual Storytelling Week.

Having to postpone the Story Slam (likely till June), and cancel the Featured Storyteller’s night as well as the Storytelling assemblies at the local schools, was heartbreaking — but with the last minute order from the Mariposa County Health department, it felt like a necessary precaution to protect the health and welfare of our entire community.

We had 12 local storytellers ready to tell their stranger-than-fiction stories, and three children ready to read hand-written stories and poems. The local enthusiasm for international storyteller Diane Ferlatte, and our local Angie Heiss was palpable — as was the disappointment over their cancellation.

However, the committee is still looking at ways to bring some of the participants’ stories into the community. We are currently working with Ron Iudice at KRYZ to bring another regular storytelling program to community radio — and will ask story slam contestants, and the children, to record their stories on air. We’re also looking into being able to include recorded stories of Diane and Angie on the radio.

So while Mariposans are hunkered down for awhile, we can still listen to each other’s stories on 98.5 KRYZ — sort of our own version of the “Little Orphan Annie Radio Hour” that was depicted in the movie “A Christmas Story.”

Other Storytelling ideas and opportunities are also in the works and we will soon be informing the community of these plans, as well as listing all of the donors and supporters who have contributed to the Mariposa Community Foundation “Keeping Storytelling in Mariposa Schools.” If any donors have any questions regarding their donation, call Sue Overstreet at (209) 377-8245.

Hang in there Mariposa, we’re all going to get through this together, and I imagine have some pretty interesting stories to tell each other in the process!

Jennivive Harper

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