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Still counting in “extraordinary” election in Madera CountyFree Access

Vote counting continues in Madera County and officials said it could take some time before the final results are known.

Vote counting continues in Madera County and officials said it could take some time before the final results are known.

Days after the statewide election, some important races in Madera County were still undecided. Officials said they’re busy counting ballots and deemed the situation “extraordinary.”

Election Day was Tuesday, June 7. Friday afternoon, county clerk-recorder and registrar of voters Rebecca Martinez explained the process by which votes are tallied.

“We counted 13,417 votes on Election Day,” Martinez said. “However, in Madera County and throughout the entire State, voters chose to hold on to their vote by mail (VBM) ballots until the last minute more than they ever have before.”

By Tuesday night, it appeared only about 18.64 percent of registered voters had voted.

But Martinez said some 12,981 vote by mail ballots were turned in during the late hours of June 6 and throughout the day on Election Day that hadn’t yet been reflected in the count.

The uncounted number of ballots nearly doubled the return.

“Never before have we had 50 percent of the returned ballots come in so late, it’s usually closer to 20 percent,” the registrar continued. . “That number is truly extraordinary.”

On June 8 and 9 Martinez said her team was able to verify signatures on an additional 3,797 ballots.

An office representative said earlier this week a “handful” of staff is tasked with cross-checking every single signature with its original – the responsibility is not automated. Ballots are verified one by one.

“Once that was complete we immediately began the process of extracting the ballots from envelopes and just this morning we tabulated those ballots,” Martinez shared on Friday.

New vote totals were released just before 2 p.m. Martinez said her office also updated the unprocessed ballot report as required by the Secretary of State.

“As of this moment, we still have 9,199 of VBM ballots to process, as well as over 200 conditional/provisional/damaged/etc. ballots to review/process. Processing these remaining ballots resumed immediately after the update was complete and is ongoing as we speak.”

Martinez said her office does not total the unprocessed ballots by Supervisorial District or any other boundaries – these are countywide totals. And she can’t say how long it will take to process the remaining ballots.

“What I can tell you is that we will continue to process ballots in earnest until we are done. As I have promised before, we will stop and tabulate every Wednesday and Friday so that everyone gets updated vote totals on a regular basis.”

The election must be officially certified by July 7. The county clerk said accuracy is the number one priority.

“While I would like to be finished as soon as possible, I will never allow a perceived urgency to compromise accuracy so I appreciate your patience as we continue to work toward final results.“

Meanwhile, the race for Sheriff of Madera County as of Friday left previously appointed Sheriff Tyson Pogue with 12,785 counted votes (80.86 percent) while challenger Ruben Mendoza received 3,027 votes so far (19.14 percent).

In a hotly contested eastern Madera County race for District 5 Supervisor, the future remained uncertain Friday as Robert “Bobby” Macaulay garnered 3,099 votes (46.79 percent), Mark S. Reed received 2,698 votes (40.74 percent) and Edward E. “Beau” Campbell, Jr. received 826 votes (12.47 percent).

In local county races like those for supervisor, a candidate receiving 50 percent of the vote plus one more vote has won the election outright and the election is decided.

If that is not the case and no candidate in the local election receives at least 50 percent plus one vote, the race will go to a runoff in the November election.

Following are unofficial election results for Madera County as of June 10, 2022:

County Offices

Supervisor, District 1

Michele Stephens                               982                  30.25 percent

Andy Wheeler                                     1,146               35.30 percent

Jordan L. Wamhoff                             1,118               34.44 percent

3,246               Votes counted


Supervisor, District 2

John Chavez                                       606                  21.87 percent

Tim Farrell                                           724                  26.13 percent

David B. Rogers                                 1,441               52.00 percent

2,771               Votes counted


Supervisor, District 5

Edward E. “Beau” Campbell, Jr.         826                  12.47 percent

Mark S. Reed                                        2,698               40.74 percent

Robert “Bobby” Macaulay                  3,099               46.79 percent

6,623               Votes counted



Brett Frazier                                        8,097               52.46 percent

Jorge Torres                                       7,337               47.54 percent

15,434             Votes counted



David E. Richstone                             12,901             100 percent


County Clerk-Recorder

Rebecca Martinez                              13,911             100 percent


District Attorney

Sally Orme Moreno                            13,886             100 percent



Tyson Pogue                                       12,785             80.86 percent

Ruben Mendoza                                 3,027               19.14 percent

15,812             Votes counted


Tax Collector-Treasurer

Tracy Kennedy                                   13,022             100 percent


Judicial Office

Judge of the Superior Court, Office 1

Katherine M. Rigby                             11,061             70.35 percent

Alaina N. Ybarra                                    4,661               29.65 percent

15,722             Votes counted



County Superintendent of Schools

Cecilia Massetti                                  12,618             100 percent


Local Measure

Chowchilla Union High School District Bond Measure S received 871 “yes” votes (57.95 percent) and 632 “no” votes (42.05 percent).

For further details of election results in Madera County, visit

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