Standout students honored at Park schools

Submitted photo

Submitted photo

In February, students at El Portal School and Yosemite Park High School were recognized for demonstrating the character trait of responsibility and for having outstanding attendance. Every six weeks, both schools planned to focus on a different character trait. The next trait focus will be honesty, as teachers and students take time to have conversations to deepen their understanding of a variety of character traits. Students are also recognized for having outstanding attendance, as research has shown the benefits of being at school each day. Students in the responsibility trait photo (top), front row, left to right: Maya Esquivel, Paige Ruffner, and Nayeli Vargus-Alvarado; back row, Pyper Mitchell, Emiliano Lopez, Alicia Garcia, Marley Gediman, Cora Grasso, Valeria Chavez Huerta and Justin Walker-Hampton. In the attendance photo (bottom), front row, left to right: Adilene Alvarado-Carbillido, Angelie Rodriguez-Alvarado, Maya Esquivel, Eddie Corona, Catalina Gonzalez-Alvarado, Penelope Philliips, Gael Rodriguez-Alvarado, Elvis Rodriguez Alvarado, Phoebe Davis, Estacey Gonzalez-Alvarado, Emiliano Lopez; back row: Siena Gonzales, Marley Gediman, Irvin Lopez-Espino, Rafael Rodriguez-Alvarado, Alejandro Alvarado Carballido, Dahlia Munoz, and Jorge Perez Padilla. The adult in the far back is principal Jim Freeman.



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