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In an email sent by former Mariposa County Supervisor Merlin Jones, one reference he made was to “letters.” Those letters were apparently the ones sent in by county citizens opposing his appointment to the Mariposa County Planning Commission.

Because the letters were sent into the county after the agenda was published for the Jan. 5 meeting, they were placed in the minutes package from that meeting.

All of the letters submitted to the county were in opposition to the appointment of Jones.

Here is a sampling of those letters:

• Kathleen Armstrong wrote a lengthy letter to the board of supervisors in her opposition to Jones.

Armstrong said she was “greatly disappointed” to see that Jones had been nominated for the post. She said Jones “openly promoted and voted for bad code” that would have been a “threat to some of our community’s most vulnerable members.”

Armstrong also it was time to “move forward with an eye on the economic realities” and said the nomination of Jones was bringing “the same entrenched players to the table” which she added sends a “discouraging message” to the citizens.

Armstrong also said it is “imperative” that Jones disclose “any and all potential conflicts of interest” on Form 700 which is required by the state. She then asked the board of supervisors to “recruit suitable candidates” for the position.

• Said Greeley Hill resident Shelly Texeira,” …what in the world are you doing? We, the people you will be serving, have had enough of Merlin Jones and all he stands for.” She said Jones has “tried, on two officials, at least, to do harm to northside and has not had our best interest at heart.”

• Local resident Nick Lambert said he was against Jones, as well. “Now, let me ask you: when you open the fridge and you smell something sour, do you close the door, letting the problem continue? No, you keep looking until you discover the source of the smell. When something doesn’t smell quite right, such as Mr. Jones’ constant shady behavior, there is usually a much larger, smellier problem you are soon to uncover,” Lambert wrote.

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