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As you look through this edition of the Mariposa Gazette, you are likely going to notice some major changes.

Beginning this week, we have a new format for the newspaper.

The most noticeable difference is the size of the newspaper.

“We made a business decision to change where we have the newspaper printed,” said Nicole W. Little, publisher and co-owner of the newspaper.

That decision meant the Gazette format changed to the new, narrower size. The height of the newspaper remains the same.

“This is the industry standard for newspapers and we think conforming to these standards was the right decision,” said Little.

One important point stressed by Little is the content of the newspaper is not changing — in fact, it is being enhanced.

For one, the location of the obituaries will now be on page A-3 every week. Also on that page will be our weekly “In Brief ” which features local happenings, events and other highlights in short format.

A “Community Lifestyles” page has been added and will feature a wide variety of stories, photos and features.

“We are trying to make everything more organized,” said Little. “So our readers know where to look each week for certain information.”

Another major addition is a new “Outdoors” page which will be in each paper. This page will provide relevant outdoors information including fishing, hunting, hiking and more.

“We live in an outdoor paradise and we need to let people know things they can do,” said Little. “This is a much-needed addition to this newspaper. We’re also going to include Yosemite National Park information as much as possible.”

There are also some other minor tweaks which the newspaper has updated, including a new format for the top of the front page as well as the continuation of our expanded opinion pages. We are continuing to add columns of local interest and always encourage readers to submit letters to the editor.

As always, said Little, the newspaper will continue to focus on Mariposa County and what is happening locally.

“We are the local news source for the county and we want to continue to make sure we provide the latest news and advertising information for our readers,” said Little. “That will never change.”

Two staples of the newspaper will continue as normal.

Those are the sports and education pages, which have been enhanced over the past two years.

“Sports and education are a major part of life in Mariposa County and we will continue to highlight our outstanding students, teachers, athletes and coaches,” said Little.

Another major benefit for this change is the ability to have more color pages throughout the newspaper.

“We have been limited on our color options,” said Little, “and this will change all of that. We think that is a benefit for our readers and it is certainly a benefit for our advertisers.”

As always, Little said readers are encouraged to give feedback about the newspaper, whether it is the new format or any other issues.

“We are here to serve the public and we want to know what our readers think, good or critical,” she said. “Reader input is critical to how we operate this newspaper.”

Little and her husband, Greg Little, the editor, took over ownership of the newspaper in February of this year.

Anyone with questions can contact Little at or at (209) 966-2500.

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