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Mariposa County Tax Collector’s Office said there are recent changes to procedures pertaining to partial payments made on property tax accounts.

On Sept. 22, at the request of the tax collector, the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors rescinded Mariposa County Ordinance 88-596 which allowed the tax collector to accept partial payments outside of RTC §4186- 4337. After review of the ordinance it was found duplicative of the revenue and taxation codes that allow payment plans.

Effective that same day, the Mariposa County Tax Collector’s office must use the provisions of RTC §4186-4337 to set up taxpayers into a payment plan that will allow them pay their delinquent tax and retain their property.

Permissive payment plans will require that current taxes are paid on or before the due date. An initial payment of 20 percent of back taxes and a $20 setup fee are also required. If you are interested in setting up a payment plan for your property tax balance, contact the Mariposa County Tax Collector’s Office at (209) 966-2621.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause,” said Keith Williams, tax collector.

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