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Michael Robert Falloure was born on May 27, 1961 in Santa Monica, Calif. His parents were Robert and Jacqueline Falloure. Sadly, he passed away much too soon on July 14, 2020 at the age of 59 years.

Michael attended and graduated from elementary and high schools in Southern California. He was a So-Cal guy born and bred; then, he discovered the hills, rivers and creeks of Northern California, particularly those of Mariposa County. Mike had loved treasure hunting ever since his fifth birthday party when his parents buried sparkly trinkets in the sand at Playa Del Rey and let the party goers and birthday boy follow the map to discover wonderful loot. Michael was hooked!

As an adult, he arranged to travel from L.A. to Mariposa on every vacation, often staying at the KOA where he later worked after relocating to Mariposa. Mike learned everything he could about prospecting for gold, and developed a deep appreciation and knowledge of rocks and minerals along the way. When he became owner of Dial’s Rock Shop in Cathey’s Valley, he thought it was a dream come true.

Unfortunately, as brilliant as his mind was, it was also very troubled. He was plagued by alcoholism and addiction, which caused him to make many poor choices. Despite that, he was truly a beautiful human being, full of adventure, curiosity, kindness, and love.

Michael was preceded in death by both of his parents and all of his grandparents, as well as his uncle, Bill Falloure, aunt, Pat Provan and dog Bugsy.

He is survived by his sister, Cindy Roberts and brother in-law Alan Roberts; uncles, Scott and Mark Bacon; nephew, Scott (Rachel); niece, Jackie (Nate); niece, Kristine (Patrick); grandniece, Jennessa; grandnephew, Elliott; and many cousins and friends. Also his beloved dog, Cadillac, who has found a new forever home.

Due to Covid-19, memorial services will be postponed. For those who accepted and loved Mike for who he was, please honor him with acts of kindness. Go outside, say a prayer, share a memory, drink a Mountain Dew! Rest in peace, Michael.

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  1. Andy says:

    That was very Disrespectful to mention how he many poor Decisions and to mention how he was plagued with addiction really pissed me off that being said Rest In Peace you will be loved you meant to so much and I wish you were here with us today whoever wrote this is a fucking idiot but probably had good intentions

  2. Jon Bachrach says:

    Whoever wrote this, I would be grateful for a call. I am, or was, one of Michael’s oldest friends, and have been trying to reach him back for several months now.

    I’d also be interested in speaking to any good friends he had there…

    Jon Bachrach
    818 694-1153

  3. Mark jones says:

    My name is Mark. I knew mike briefly at the time his wife left him. I stayed with him overnight and we panned the merced next morning. I was hopeing to take a week off work late august when I tried to look him up. Very disappointed when I saw his obit. Much respect and sorrow. Awesome person. Please let me know of any details of his death. I just pray it was from natural causes. You can reach me at toyseeker.mj@gmail.com. my name is mark jones. I now live in San Diego. Thank you.

    • Cindyroberts says:

      Mark, I tried to reply to you at your email address, but got the msg. that your mail box was too full to receive any new msgs.

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