Matthew Richie



Matthew Thomas Richie was born July 28, 1975 and died Jan. 3, 2018.

Matthew was a carpenter and will be remembered for his ability to see past the shortcomings of others and love them in spite of themselves.

Matthew, having spent the earlier years of his life in Yolo Count, fell in love with and worked and lived along the coast of Oregon where he spent much of each year during his 30s and early 40s until the months just before his death when he moved to Mariposa and spent his last days with his beloved Aunt Niarja Ann and Aunt Florence. Yogie Bear will remain with the family.

Matthew leaves behind a loving mother, father, sister, two brothers, three nieces, a nephew, six aunts, four uncles, many cousins and very many loved ones.

Donations can be made in the form of taking a long hike up in the hills, serving a meal at a homeless shelter, going to the beach, giving of your time to a neighbor in need, telling a joke, truly watching the sunset or doing whatever else you can to celebrate life as he did.

Matt will be remembered at mass in Mariposa at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church on Feb. 17 at 8 a.m., and at a memorial service held at his aunt’s home with close family and friends on Feb. 18.

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