Martha Weinzierl



Martha Anton Weinzierl was born June 12, 1927 in Essen, Germany and grew up in Wetzlar.

She was an honor student and obtained her Abitur (college entrance credentials) in 1947 from the Lotte Schlule, the first class to do so after World War II. Although she wanted to attend university, the after-war years made this difficult. Aachen, the city where she wanted to study journalism, was heavily bombed and had few places for students to live. The universities were also giving preference to the returning war veterans so finding a spot for her was impossible.

First married to Heinz-Günter Rodenburger in 1950, she gave birth to her son Michael in 1951. After her divorce in 1959 she came to America with her son on June 8, 1959. She lived for a few months with her sister in Kansas she and then moved to San Jose that September.

An American friend she had met after the war and had remained in contact with recommended San Jose. She lived there from 1959 until retirement in 1988. She first worked first for the University of Santa Clara and then, after becoming a citizen of the U.S., at the County of Santa Clara starting in 1966. While working at the university she met Ulrich Weinzierl and they were married in 1966.

After retiring from the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in 1988, she and Ulrich moved to Mariposa were they lived on Ben Hur Road. They were active and did extensive traveling until she was widowed on Nov. 21, 2001. After the loss of her husband, she became an active volunteer for St. Joseph’s Church well into her 80s. She also continued to travel with her son and daughter-in-law.

She died in her home on July 3, 2020, at age 93. She is survived by her son.

A memorial service will be held for her in 2021.

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