Katherine McDonald



A beautiful woman, Katherine Hope McDonald, has passed away. All of her life she struggled. She had polio, spinal meningitis and pneumonia as a child. She had to relearn to walk.

Although she was able to walk she was never able to run because polio shortened one leg. She always had to wear special shoes because her feet and toes were curled. She was always in pain. Her pain did not stop her from earning good grades or getting a job or having a family. In fact, she had one of the strongest work ethics of anyone I have ever known. What she lacked physically, she made up in determination and grit.

She was also extremely talented. She was a gifted artist and crafter. She could sew, crochet, paint and work a glue gun and a scroll saw like no other. She was so gifted that her gifts allowed her to open up her own craft store where she sold her creations to people from all over the world.

Unfortunately, the harder she worked the more toll it took on her body. Soon she was dependent upon a walker, then a wheelchair, and then confined to a bed. Her mind at first was wicked sharp and she agonized over the necessity of around the clock care. God graciously eased her mind and gave her a new life created by her imagination. In her mind at the end, she had been married multiple times and was adored by many suitors. In her dreams, she walked on the beach and hiked in the mountains. She took vacations and enjoyed her adventures.

But on Thursday, Dec. 10, 2020, both her body and mind determined it was time. Both were beyond tired. This incredible woman was Katherine Hope McDonald formerly of Mariposa.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Jay McDonald.

Hope is survived by her children, Christine and David, six grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, three sisters, one brother and a host of nieces and nephews.

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