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Karl Heinz Rassau, or “Sweet Karlichku,” of Mariposa, passed away at the age of 81 on July 24, 2020, at his home, surrounded by his family, following a lengthy illness.

Currently, no memorial is scheduled (because of Covid-19 restrictions), but a celebration of his life will take place in the near future.

Karl was born in Hamburg, Germany, on Sept. 18, 1938, to the late Karl Otto and Gertrude Rassau. Karl apprenticed as a cabinet maker. He was a woodworker and a carpenter for 40 years. Karl came to the United States in 1959 at the age of 21. He joined the United States Army and served four years.

Karl met his wife, Olgo, in Chicago, Ill. They were married March 20, 1971. They have two children, Michelle and Karl George. They eventually moved to Mariposa in 1980.

Mariposa is where Karl called home. You could always find him tending to his garden, feeding his chickens, riding his tractor, spoiling his dogs or tinkering in his shop.

He is survived by his wife of 49 years, his two children, a sister and a nephew.



We would like to express our appreciation and thank personally his physicians, Dr. Dela Pena, Dr. Sidhu, Dr. Hamed and John C. Fremont Hospice, namely Dorothy Stalling, for providing excellent care to Karl in his last days.

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  1. Margo Pellegrini says:

    Olga, my condolences to you and your family.

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