John B. Cogdell, III



John B. Cogdell III was an army veteran with letters of commendation, a member of the military police, correctional officer and a park ranger. He worked in the pipeline construction industry also.

John married twice with two daughters, Shannon and Shawna, and one son, Lonnie, with his wife Carrie.

He played high school football in Arkansas for the Rattlers. He loved playing his guitar and French harp, enjoyed hunting, fishing and hiking with this grandpa John Cogdell, Sr.

John is the grandson of James Boggs and John Cogdell Sr.; the brother of Billy and Adam; cousin of Robbie and Jody and many more.

John enjoyed living in Mariposa County and working in Yosemite Park as a ranger. John was a Christian. His favorite Bible verse was John 3:16, and he was a strong supporter of the Constitution.

At the time of his death on Aug. 17, he was 55 years old and had lived in Mariposa for 15 years.

He is the oldest son of Martha and John B. Cogdell Jr.



He will be missed more than he will ever know.

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