Jo Marie Nunes



Jo Marie Nunes passed away peacefully with her daughter at her side on April 23, 2018.

She is survived by her husband, Charles Nunes; daughter, Maile Macaluso; two grandchildren; son-in-law, David Macaluso; mother, Christine Burnam; sister-in-law, Gail Talmadge; brother-in-law, Rick Nunes; nephew, Michael Talmadge; nieces, Chelsea Arnold and Keaton Koechli; a grand niece; four grandnephews; and many beloved animals.

Her father, Roy Houser, and stepmother, Barbara Houser, have passed away since her passing.

She had an infectious laugh, was an incredibly creative artist and avid gardener. She loved baby animals of any kind and brought many of them home.

Jo loved living in Mariposa and appreciated the small town vibe. She made friends everywhere she went. Her red hair matched her fiery personality. She loved deeply and is missed every day.

Think of Jo when you pass a box of kittens at the grocery store or feel a horse’s breath on your skin.

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