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Matthew Matthiessen

Matthew Matthiessen

Before the holidays we sent residents an informational brochure about John C. Fremont Healthcare District and the critical emergency and medical care we have provided for nearly 70 years.

As many members of the county live miles away from the nearest hospital, we want to be sure that you are able to reach us in a medical emergency. At the end of this column there is a list of important phone numbers.

As you probably know, John C. Fremont is the nearest hospital with emergency services for Mariposa County residents. Last year alone, our emergency department treated over 7,100 patients, providing immediate treatment for heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolisms, rattlesnake bites, allergic reactions and asthma as well as the common injuries that occur at home, work or at play.

Because much of our district is rural, our air ambulance helicopter service provides life-saving service to many who live throughout the county. That air ambulance service has reduced response time by 25 minutes so we are able to transport patients who need critical specialized care quickly due to an injury, an accident or because of remoteness. In cases when seconds count, being able to get people to our emergency room quickly has saved lives.



As I talk with members of our community, I hear many stories about how you are dependent on our services and the high level of competency of our medical staff. Our staff continues to provide the very best care possible, whether it be in the emergency room, hospital, someone’s home or one of our clinics.

In future columns in this newspaper, I would like to introduce you to the people who work and volunteer at John C. Fremont — they are our neighbors and they are an impressive group of health care professionals.

Small rural hospitals like ours face many significant financial challenges. As a designated “Critical Access Hospital,” we depend upon a variety of funding sources (e.g., county, state, federal and foundation) to survive. I’ll share more about this in a future column.

I look forward to staying in touch with you through John C. Fremont’s monthly community health column in the Mariposa Gazette.

Please contact me at (209) 966-3631 ext. 5101 or matthew.matthiessen@ jcf-hospital.com if you have any questions.

Matthew Matthiessen is the CEO of John C. Fremont Healthcare District.

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