James Tresidder



James Malcolm Tresidder, 82, of Gilroy, Calif., passed away at home May 21, 2018.

He was the son of the late James Tresidder and Violet Smith, and grandson of Bert and Rose Smith and Martin and Annie Tresidder.

He is survived by daughters Kristi Tresidder and Janine Tresidder; son, Corey Tresidder (Patricia); sister, Vanessa Bevel (Elliott); nieces, Kristie Bevel, Tamra Tejada (Alex) and Dana Conners (Terry); grand-nephews, Adam Tejada and Nicolas Conners; grand-niece, Megan Tejada; and many long-time friends.

He was born in Merced and lived most of his childhood in Mariposa. Malcolm graduated from Mariposa County High School, where he excelled in school, music and sports.

Following a short time at Fresno State, he entered the Navy to serve on a destroyer class in the Middle East, learning electronics trade as a radar technician aboard ship. After his military service, he studied electrical engineering at San Jose State, where he earned his Master’s, and met and married Sandra Councilman, mother of his three children.

With 30-plus years in the aerospace industry as a Systems engineer on communications satellites for Ford Aerospace/Space Systems/ Loral, he had many opportunities to travel and work abroad in Japan and Australia on various satellite projects up until he retired in 1997. After work, he enjoyed following soccer, keeping up on technology interests, genealogy and traveling with his family, including D-Day beaches in France, and Cornwall, England, the ancestral home of the Tresidders, which he had traced his lineage back to 1543.

A consummate engineer at heart, he had a brain filled with so many details from history, movies, music and technology and could be counted on to always have the right answer. He is loved and missed by all for his big heart and gentle demeanor, dry humor and puns, and his advice and knowledge that he freely shared to help any in need.

Family and friends who knew and loved him are invited to share a “celebration of life” brunch at his favorite neighborhood diner on July 7, 2018 to remember his life, share good memories and say goodbye. (Email jimtres@tresidder.us for details.)

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