James Earnest Granville



James Earnest Granville of Mariposa, Calif. passed away suddenly on Sunday, June 9, 2019.

He was born on July 19,1947 in Odessa, Texas. Jim was the youngest child of Earnest and Elaine Granville. He attended Cherry Creek High school in Englewood, Colo. and the University of Colorado Boulder. He was an Eagle Scout and an avid sportsman. He enjoyed rock climbing, snow and water skiing and hiking.

He moved to California in 1969. Jim married Lee Ann Walters in Pleasant Hill, Calif. on August 19, 1978. His career centered around his love of sports. He worked in the ski industry at Beconta, Inc. and eventually in the footwear industry, where he specialized in product development at Rofu Design, Kaepa, Kangaroos, Umbro, Deckers, Inc. and Patagonia. He and Lee Ann started Nativearth Footwear and Accessories in 1993.

Jim is predeceased by his parents; brother-in-law, Lee; and his uncle John. He is survived by his wife; sons, Christopher and Andrew, (Liza); three grandsons: Brenden, Kayden and Quincy; sister, Susan Jousma, her son Mike, as well as his mother in-law, Jocelyn; loving nephews, cousins and many long-time friends.

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