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Kayla Enger

Kayla Enger

Ever since she was little, Kayla Enger has wanted to be a surgeon.

When the Mariposa County High School junior, 16, was 6, her father was in a serious accident.

He fell 24 feet, head first, suffering major injuries.

“I remember being there at the hospital and how I wanted to help other people get better, like the other surgeons helped my dad get better,” Enger said. “I want to be a surgeon because it’s been my passion to help people.”

Enger was particularly inspired by her grandfather, who struggled with health issues when she was growing up.

“He passed away two years ago and was on dialysis,” Enger said. “I was at the hospital with him a lot. When I went to his house, he said I would make a great doctor someday.”


As the years have gone on, her goal of becoming a medical professional has only grown. Her dream is to attend the University of Washington for medical school. It is considered one of the top medical schools in the United States.

Enger is well on her way to reaching that goal.

As a member of the Torch and Laurel Honors Society, she has been nominated to attend the Advanced Emergency Medicine ‘Envision’ program at the University of Stanford Medical School this summer.

The nomination came from the National Research Center for College and University Admissions (NRCCUA) due to her 4.0 grade point average, AP courses and the completion of the Emergency Medical Response course at MCHS.

This event would provide an opportunity to spend 10 days living in dorms on Stanford’s campus and to work with the staff of the Stanford University Department of Emergency Medicine, gaining hands-on experience in a real-world medical environment.

She would be able to experience life-saving ER medical procedures, triage, disaster and wilderness medicine, as well as dissecting human cadavers and more. The program is designed to help students understand medical school admissions and qualifying tests, draft a resume and explore the range of options in emergency medical fields. College credits are available as well.

In addition, as a 2017 alumnus of the National Academy of Future Scientist and Technological Congress, she has been nominated to participate in the National Academy of Future Physicians and medical Scientists, held at the University of Massachusetts.

“I want to take advantage of these opportunities to engage with and discover the power of my potential in the medical field,” Enger said. “However, I need sponsors to help me take this first step in fulfilling my dream of becoming a doctor.”

The total cost of tuition for the event at Stanford is $5,584 due March 16, and the cost to attend the University of Massachusetts event is $585 not including airfare, a car rental or food and travel expenses, which total approximately $4,000.

“Any help, big or small, will be deeply appreciated,” Enger said. “My first choice would be to attend Stanford’s Envision.”

To donate to Enger, visit www.GoFundMe.com and search “Trish Timmons.”

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