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Suzen Dyslin

Suzen Dyslin

The former bookkeeper at the Mariposa Museum & History Center has been charged with embezzlement.

Suzen E. Dyslin, 57, was arrested last week by the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office following a lengthy investigation. She was released on $50,000 bail.

Dyslin was also charged with grand theft, according to the documents filed by the sheriff’s office.

The information has been turned over to the Mariposa County District Attorney’s Office.

District Attorney Thomas E. Cooke said Tuesday his office just received the information and it is “pending review.”

Cooke said his office would comment on the matter following a review.

The exact amount of the alleged embezzlement and theft is not clear, however, it appears it is at least $25,000 and could be more.

The investigation covers the period of November 2013 to August 2017.

According to the report, Dyslin began working at the museum in November 2013. The board of this history center, according to the report, has a policy in place that any checks made out by the bookkeeper are to be reviewed and signed by two board members.

However, an official at the museum told investigators the board members “have been signing blank checks for Suzen to pay the bills or to complete payroll without reviewing the payments first.”

The report said when a new museum president was named in 2017, officials at the museum began looking closer at the bookkeeping procedures, including bank statements from Westamerica with were kept by Dyslin. They reported finding missing pages.

Officer Jennifer Lobaugh of the sheriff’s office said she was provided with check stubs and a list of “questionable payments” from museum officials. According to the report, checks totaling $4,458 “were made payable and deposited by Suzen Dyslin, which is contrary to the Quickbooks printout …”

The report goes on to say that Dyslin attempted to pay restitution to the museum.

According to the report, on Aug. 28, 2017 museum officials received a “letter and check” from Dyslin apologizing “for betraying the trust of the history center and for her poor choices.”

It did not state the amount of the check received from Dyslin.

It also stated her letter said: “Please accept this financial restitution as a pitiful attempt to restore some element of repayment for my wrongdoing.”

Museum officials did not cash the check and it was placed as evidence in the case, according to the report.

The report also states that museum officials also found unapproved charges to the museum credit card for purchases from Amazon. There were also missing receipts from Ace Hardware found, according to the report.

Museum officials also said they discovered memberships fees were not recorded in the accounting system. According to the report, officials said they believe around $2,000 worth of membership fees were missing.

A third supplement to the sheriff’s office reports indicate that for 2013, there was $1,476 in deposits with no correlating deposits made into the museum account.

Another supplement alleges that in 2014, there were $1,572 in deposit entries with no correlating deposits. It also states there were “fraudulent checks written by Suzen for the year of 2014” in the amount of $4,705.

Another report supplement states in 2015, there were $673 in deposits not accounted for and another $3,031 in fraudulent checks.

In December 2017, Deputy Sherre Hendricks was also assigned to the case and reported finding checks Dyslin wrote to herself in 2016 which was a discrepancy as to what the accounting program showed. The total amount was $8,691.

In January 2018, the deputy reported officials from the museum were still trying to determine the amount of purchases made from Amazon. The official said as of that time, the amount appeared to be around $6,600.

In February, Hendricks met with officials again and was provided with credit card statements containing what they believe were all of the unauthorized charges to Amazon. That amounted to just over $8,000.

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