Devin Orion



Devin was born on Dec.7, 1949, in El Centro, Calif. He was the precocious second son of John and Alberta Whitecar and younger brother to John Whitecar III.

Devin passed effortlessly on April 27, 2020, at home with his beloved companion dog, Clark, laying in his lap, slipping away from this life on a Mariposa afternoon breeze. The long life between those milestones was experienced to the fullest.

He loved travel and moved to Seattle, Wash., where he met the love of his life, Michael Red Earth. Together for 36 years (married for five), they embraced adventures and causes and change whenever the opportunity arose.

While living in Washington State on Vashon Island, Devin met and recognized two very important people, his Sister-of-the Heart, Beth Kellner, and her husband Aaron Hayes. In 2015, Devin and Michael were living on the south Florida coast. That same year, they decided to rejoin their chosen family, Beth and Aaron in Mariposa.

To those lucky enough to know him — you will remember his sense of humor, charm and generosity. The same qualities he displayed when he worked in retail, customer service and in early childhood development.

Devin was especially gifted at connecting to kids with emotional challenges. Devin loved Mexican food, Disneyland, remodeling, storytelling, creating a garden and giving presents.

He had a passion for cruises (Holland America), Christmas, cars (Mercedes), coffee (Keurig), chocolate and Japanese maples. And even as he faced physical difficulties, he could always bring a laugh from those around him.

He will be missed profoundly.

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