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He was in special operations for years in the military. He’s lucky to be alive.

Both of those, however, are the case and now Steve Kuryla, known to almost everyone as “Chief,” is an author.

“Six Days to Zeus: Alive Day,” is the first of what Chief hopes to be many focusing on various issues, but most notably those who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.

In fact, Chief himself suffers from PTSD, but his focus is clearly on helping others, something he hopes will happen through his foundation, Tier 1 Tranquility Base. That group focuses on how to help those with PTSD, and not necessarily in traditional fashion.

With the release of his first book, Chief is hoping to continue to raise awareness about PTSD and help as many veterans as possible.

He’s done several book signings and has another planned for Friday, Oct. 19. It will be from noon to 5 p.m. at the Mariposa Gazette, 5108 Highway 140, Suite B, in Mariposa. Copies of the book, which retails for $19.95, will be available, as will Chief, who is willing to talk to anyone about the issues.

The book, penned under the name “Samuel Hill,” has been published through It is available online through Amazon, and many other outlets.

It is also available at traditional brick and mortar book stores like Barnes and Noble.

Printed copies are available for $19.95 and a portion of the proceeds goes to help veterans who suffer from PTSD and its related impacts.

His story

Chief’s story is an incredible journey in which he ended up in a camouflaged trailer in the desert in the Middle East.

This particular trailer had a problem with its antenna and one day, Chief decided he was going to fix it himself. He climbed on the roof of the trailer to fix the antenna while his men were inside working special ops.

At the same time, a rogue National Guard Unit which had been causing problems in the region by firing weapons at camels and other targets, happened to spot the antenna.

They fired.

“There is no such thing as friendly fire,” said Chief.

His men were killed instantly and Chief was left unconscious in the desert, most likely to die. It would be six days before a miracle happened and he was saved.

Yet that was just the beginning of an unbelievable journey that has led him to his current situation with a chance to help others.

To find out the entire story you can purchase the book at the signing on Oct. 19.

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