Bobby Gene Riggins



Bobby Gene Riggins was born in Kensett, Ark. on June 5, 1926 to Andrew and Mae Riggins. He was the youngest of four children.

He lived in Indiana when he joined the Navy from 1943-1949. He had three children: Nancy, Sandra and Steven.

On July 28, 1953 he married Lillian Fern and was married almost 66 years, raising two daughters Sheri Chacon (Oscar) and Kerri Rogers (George).

He passed away peacefully on March 4 at home on Carter Road where he lived the last 30 years, with family and friends by his side. He was a machinist, loved water skiing, fishing, camping and his family.

He is survived by his wife Lillian Fern, children, four grandchildren: Nathann, Noelle, Brandi and Travis and 11 great-grandchildren. He will be sorely missed by us all.



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