Ballot error about GOP candidate causes confusion for local votersFree Access

A printing error on a ballot in Mariposa County could cause confusion for voters.

The error lists Mitchell White as a Democrat candidate for U.S. Representative in the 4th District. But White is actually a Republican who is challenging incumbent Rep. Tom McClintock. That leaves McClintock as the only listed Republican for the position on the ballot in this county.

There are actually four Democrats running for the position but the Mariposa County ballot lists five.

When made aware of the error by the White campaign, Keith Williams, registrar of elections and county clerk, “conferred with Mr. White, along with the California Secretary of State and Mariposa County Counsel to determine the best course of action to take for all involved,” said a press release from the clerk’s office.

The county election’s office will be mailing postcards to all registered voters in the county to inform them of the error.

“The timing of the discovery of the error has allowed for the correction of all ballots that will be at polling places on election day ( June 5),” the press release continues.

There are no plans to replace those erroneous ballots that have already been completed and returned by voters.

“We ask that voters pay particular attention to their mail for this in the meantime,” said the statement.

He said corrected ballots will be available soon at the clerk’s office and they will also be used on election day.

Call the office at (209) 966-2007 for questions or comments.

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