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UPDATE 3/20/20: According to Alison Tudor, executive director of Alliance for Community Transitions, Mariposa Heritage House is closed, but will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 a.m. to noon for mail and meal pick up. Mountain Crisis Services’ offices are closed to the public, but its hotline — 1-888-966-2350 —is fully staffed. Counseling and legal aid are available by calling (209) 742-5865. Ethos Youth Center is closed.


During any crisis, and especially a national health emergency, the most vulnerable people are usually the most impacted.

That includes homeless people, those who are victims of domestic violence and more.

Because of that, Mountain Crisis Services is working to continue to provide services, though how that looks is changing quickly.

“Things are changing from day to day,” said Alison Tudor, executive director of Alliance for Community Transitions on Tuesday morning.

Alliance operates various programs dealing with youth, victims of domestic violence, coordinating for homeless people and more.

CASA is one program it operates and currently, it is only providing services to those with court or other appointments.

Tudor said they are still attending court hearings “until that changes.”

The shelter and hotline services are still being offered. However, Tudor said many of those services are starting “to be offered via video or phone services for those who are sick or would prefer them at this time.”

Connections, a service that deals with those who are homeless, remains in operation and Tudor said officials are working with the county to have spaces for quarantine should any residents test positive for Covid-19.

Ethos, the youth activity center in Mariposa, is remaining open at this time, said Tudor.

Mariposa Heritage House, which serves meals and provides other services, is limiting hours, said Tudor, but will maintain operations as long as possible. Heritage House will not be open on weekends and will close daily at 5 p.m. Meals will continued to be served. Tudor said some services are being offered via video or telephone, when possible.

“I imagine services will continue to be more limited as staff begins getting ill and we have many staff that are immune compromised, so staffing it thin,” said Tudor. “We are working closely with public health and the county to best serve people in our community and keep our staff safe.”

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