New Yosemite Renaissance director excited to be part of annual art show

Jon BockJon Bock is a busy man, that’s for sure. As the new director of Yosemite Renaissance, he has been busy preparing the annual competition and traveling exhibition. He is also the manager of Sierra Art Trails, a show in Eastern Madera and Mariposa counties. Bock has more than 30 years experience as an artist and art director and 20 […]

From dinosaurs to gender, many new laws now on books

When the toasts of champagne glasses rang in the year 2018 last weekend, it also meant many new laws in the state of California. From gun regulations to marijuana to crossing the street, there were hundreds of new laws that went into effect on Jan. 1. Some, like the new state dinosaur, are less publicized and impactful as others, like […]

No excuse for fairgrounds gunfire

Editor, I am a Washington State resident from Aberdeen visiting friends in this beautiful community. I stayed in my RV last night at the Mariposa Fairgrounds. I work at a gun store in Washington and support ownership rights. I was stunned at the mindless irresponsibility I witnessed last night as over a dozen different weapons were fired, some into the […]

McClintock doesn’t get it

Editor, The new tax plan is an attack on the working class, and our representative, Tom McClintock, voted for it. As a middle class individual who works hard and pays my taxes, I’m livid. It is projected to increase the national deficit by $1.4 trillion. My ‘tax breaks’ are scheduled to vanish, while those for corporations are not. The Joint […]

McClintock gets it all wrong

Editor, After reading the letter from Congressman Tom McClintock posted in the Gazette, it became apparent that he really has no grasp of economics despite his years in Washington. The first clue is his use of the word Marxist to describe those that do not subscribe to supply side economics. Either he truly has no concept of what views the […]

Stop companies killing pollinators

Editor, Your two-part series featuring Beth Pratt-Bergstrom (part one published Dec. 14, 2017) raises the important issue that pollinators are dying off at an alarming rate. We applaud her mention of one thing we all can do to help: growing milkweed to provide little fueling stations for Monarch butterflies. And, as the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is […]

I am not a Marxist

Editor, I am writing in response to the letter published in the Gazette on Thursday, Dec. 28 from Rep. Tom McClintock. Putting aside all of the arguments that he makes for his flip-flop vote on the recent tax legislation, I’d like to register my outrage at the derogatory tone of his screed. Not once, but twice in his letter, McClintock […]

Now is the perfect time to plant certain garden species


Bob LabozettaNow is a great time to plant bare root fruit and nut trees, although anytime from January through March works. At this time there should be a wide selection of cultivars that are much less expensive than containerized specimens, making it easier to transport. The process of planting bare root fruit and nut trees begins with selection. Determine what […]

January Audubon program will showcase birds of Brazil

The Lettered Aracari is among the many exotic Brazilian birds to be featured in a slide presentation. Submitted photo Brazil evokes many images among Americans: Rio de Janeiro, the Amazon, tropical rainforests and abundant and exotic animals, especially its colorful birds. Occupying almost half of South America (geographically the fifth largest country in the world), Brazil is home to an […]

Tourniquet donation could help prevent mass casualty events

Dr. Eric Sergienko is shown demonstrating how to use a tourniquet. Photo by Matt JohnsonThere is renewed focus on bleeding and hemorrhage management in the emergency medical community after recent multi-casualty incidents across the nation. In Las Vegas recently, several lives were saved with early application of tourniquets to control bleeding. During the Mariposa County Emergency Management Care Committee meeting, […]