McClintock says amnesty just for leaker Snowden


Rep. Tom McClintockRep. Tom McClintock has gone out on a political limb for Edward Snowden—the former intelligence contractor who fled to Russia after leaking a trove of topsecret documents to news outlets this summer. Other members of Congress have labelled Snowden a traitor and called for his arrest. Mc- Clintock, who has served as Mariposa County’s representative in Washington, D.C. […]

Rotary gets water update from Rowney

Mark RowneyLast week’s Rotary meeting was particularly eventful in that Rotarians inducted Mariposa’s own Rebecca Hagen, commander of the local CHP division, into its ranks. Rotarians also heard from the witty, knowledgeable and dedicated Mark Rowney, general manager of the Mariposa Public Utilities District, or MPUD. Rowney has been with the district for 37 years, and has seen significant changes […]

Sierra Telephone sets Patriot Day

Last week, Sierra Tel announced its keynote speaker for its 2013 Patriot Day Remembrance Event. Larry E. Westerlund served as a surface warfare officer with the United States Naval Reserve, where he recently retired after 24 years of service as a Lieutenant Commander. During his service, he received the Department of Defense Joint Commendation Medal Second Award, Navy Commendation Medal, […]


An article was published in the GAZETTE recently regarding payment for delivering wood to disadvantaged seniors in Mariposa County. There were some facts omitted which I believe are crucial if anyone hopes to understand the whole story. The story talks about volunteer firefighters getting paid, from a PG&E grant, to deliver firewood to individuals that fit criteria specified by the […]

Merced solitude available

Mary Bayless wants Congressman Tom McClintock to “Stop at any spot along the well-named Merced River and see what it can do for you.” A solitary encounter with nature along the banks of the Merced River is possible in Yosemite Valley on a weekend in peak season. The “river corridor” proposed by the Park Service already exists in several places. […]

The game is afoot

It is quite evident that things are not going to change in the governance of this county for the better until the make up of the board of supervisors is changed. It is my opinion that the supervisor of District 4 is influencing the outcome of every vote by his control of two other supervisors, namely those in District 1 […]

Foreigners spotted

Even though it is well hidden behind Mariposa’s main street down by the creek, I was at the farmer’s market on Wednesday about 5:30 p.m. and noticed that two British tourists had found their way in. They were able to sample some pistachios and left with some grapes. I don’t know how this could happen, there really aren’t any signs […]

Stopping Local Governments from Electioneering


In 1996, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association ran a successful statewide campaign winning passage of Proposition 218, the Right to Vote on Taxes Act. Prop 218 gave California homeowners the right to approve or reject a host of property related fees and taxes. Not wanting to cede political power to the unwashed masses, local government officials and their political allies […]


Friday, Sept. 6 Books Galore! at the Mariposa County Library, sponsored by the Friends of the Library from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Reformers Unanimous – a free addictions program held at 5005 Frank Wilson Road every Friday evening from 7 to 9 p.m. For more information, call 966-5780 or 966-5542. Narcotics Anonymous – meets at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church […]

Fair fundraiser seeks many resident photos

The county Chamber of Commerce is co-sponsor of this year’s Save the Fairgrounds Mural Project. The effort seeks to raise funds and build a large mural that will be made up of thousands of photos commemorating the fairgrounds. Project organizers hope to raise enough money to safeguard the fair for years to come. The Mariposa County Fairgrounds will decide what […]