15 malnourished horses euthanized

On Saturday, Jan. 29, the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center received a call of a horse down on Usona Road. Animal Control officers immediately responded to the location. Upon arrival, Animal Control officers made contact with the caller. A total of six horses were found at a Usona Road property that needed immediate care. One of the six horses […]

Man behind the headline

Your headline for one of your articles dated Jan. 25, states, “Sheriffs on lookout for burglary suspect.” The photo shows a man with a swollen face and a black eye and not someone anyone would ever want to meet up with, except for me. The “burglary suspect” is more than a headline and more than a terrible photo. He saved […]

Important safeguard

I noticed in the article it was stated that “welfare benefits and school attendance are not linked in the U.S.” In actuality, the school sites are asked to verify student attendance for the human services department for the parents to continue to receive benefits. If the student becomes truant during the school year, we are asked to notify the human […]

Should be ashamed

One would think the GAZETTE would be ashamed for printing incorrect information about amendments, especially when it pertain to Mariposa County law that affects almost all of its citizens. You have absolutely no idea of the magnitude of ill feeling and unrest you have caused our county sheriff’s department. I was at that Jan. 18 board meeting when Sheriff’s Captain […]

More on FICA

In the letter I received from the auditors regarding this matter, I was given a clear choice. Either pay what I owe by December 31, 2010, or have it applied as earned income for 2011. I chose the latter for two reasons. The first is that the County screwed up, not me, so I feel no obligation to “step up […]

From the Archives

(The following items were taken from the archived files of the MARIPOSA GAZETTE & MINER.) 10 Years Ago Winter hit Mariposa County with a vengeance last weekend, dumping record amounts of snow at low elevations and knocking out power and telephone service to thousands of Mariposa County residents. The storm started Friday evening, and didn’t let up until late Sunday. […]

Yosemite Renaissance celebrates its 26th year

George Chester’s Yosemite Falls, Turquoise Sky, is part of this year’s Yosemite Renaissance exhibit.Yosemite Renaissance is celebrating its 26th year with an exhibit of 42 paintings, photographs, prints and sculptures by 39 artists. Drawn from more than 570 entries, this year’s exhibit includes a broad range of works from the representational to the abstract, all interpreting the majesty of Yosemite […]

Jones wins Good Citizens Award

Mariposa County High School’s Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Good Citizens Award nominee was Carie Ann Jones. Jones and her family attended the February Merced River Chapter meeting where she was presented with a Good Citizen Award pin and certificate from the chapter and a certificate from the Mariposa Board of Supervisors presented by Supervisor Janet Bibby. The DAR […]

College faces bugdget cuts

The State Center Community College District is facing budget cuts because of the state’s budget crisis.The bad news is that representatives of the Oakhurst Center of the State Community College District anticipate that California’s new budget plan may lead to cutbacks. The good news is that the campus may be better positioned than others in California to handle those reductions. […]


In last week’s edition of the MARIPOSA GAZETTE, the story about grizzly bears and local history (“Dates recall Mariposa grizzly fights”) reported one fact incorrectly. The Bear Flag Revolt overthrew Mexican, not Spanish, rule at Sonoma in 1846. … An online subscription is required to view news content on this website. To continue reading please enter your username and password […]