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Rim Fire explodes overnight

Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2013 9 a.m. - Overnight the Rim Fire exploded from just a few hundred acres to over 10,000.

A recent update now states that 2,500 structures are threatened and seven have been destroyed. A total of 455 firefighters are now on the scene.

The fire is currently west of Lumsden Bridge in the Tuolumne River Canyon, north of the Clavey River, east of the Clavey and Tuolumne River, and south of Highway 120 beyond Rainbow Pool. An evacuation order is still in effect for the Buck Meadows area of Mariposa County. .

Currently, Hetch Hetchy is closed and some Hetch Hetchy employees have been evacuated as a precaution. The northern portion of Yosemite Park is heavily affected by smoke and visitors and employees are urged to exercise caution when in and around these areas.

Hodgdon Meadows area is currently without power. There is no estimated time frame as to when the power will be restored. Temperatures in the area remain high throughout the week with high chances of lightning through Wednesday.

Yosemite National Park Rangers are currently assisting the Incident Command Team and Tuolumne County Sherriff's Office and will continue to assist throughout the fire.

This is a photo from yesterday when the Rim Fire blew up. This pictured is from the Buck Meadows Restaurant. (Photo Courtesy of Mariposa County Sheriff's Office)This is a photo from yesterday when the Rim Fire blew up. This pictured is from the Buck Meadows Restaurant. (Photo Courtesy of Mariposa County Sheriff's Office)

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People homes and business

People homes and business need to be endangered so the wildlife can utilize the land? Thats rediculous.

Yes well you weren't in the

Yes well you weren't in the middle of this danm fire so you don't know what we had to go through in Buck Meadows..

Unfortinately this area needs

Unfortinately this area needs to burn. From 140 all the way to 120 and on down into the river canyon. Its got way too much brush that not even the wildlife can utilize because there is no grass growth or feed for them. Cal-Fire waists so much tax payer money when it comes to these fires. Put an engine or cut a line around the structures and let the rest burn.

We better have Cal Fire and

We better have Cal Fire and other government agencies protect our watershed. Maybe you could work with these agencies and the Fire Safe Councils with building fire breaks and control burns. Many of us have.

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