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Veterans Day more than just any day for youth

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To some, Veterans Day’s most significant meaning might be a day off from school or work.

It can be easy to overlook what the day’s true significance is.

Not for students at Mariposa County High School. Students in Stephanie Bobman’s World History class had strong opinions about the importance of observing Veterans Day.

“We get to reflect on those who put their lives on the line for our freedom,” said Tara Thorsgard, 16. “They sacrificed for our happiness.”

Will Harris, 15, said service members are “putting their lives on the line every day” and “sacrificing for our freedom.”

He noted it is especially difficult and “a big deal” for veterans not seeing family and loved ones for long stretches of time.

Ramiro Marquez, 14, said “patriotism is the word that comes to mind” when thinking of Veterans Day.

“It’s a day of appreciation,” Marquez said.

He said veterans have demonstrated a “willingness” to serve and a “love for the country” for many years.

Kaydence Walker, 15, said she is grateful for the “sacrifices” made by veterans, including those who made the “ultimate sacrifice” of laying down their lives.

“It’s the day to remember the hardships the veterans went through to give us the lives we have today,” said Walker.

Owen Bissmeyer, 15, has uncles and other family members who have served in the armed forces.

He said it is “an honor” to be able to acknowledge and thank veterans, and that he is “very grateful” for their service.

“It’s important to carry on the memory of the people we’ve lost,” Bissmeyer said.

Even though they’re young, students at MCHS carry a deep appreciation for those who have sacrificed to keep America free.

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