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County not being responsible in Jerry Cox case


Editor’s note: This letter about the Jerry Cox case was sent to Mariposa County Counsel Steve Dahlem. The writer asked it be shared with our readers.

Good Morning Mr. Dahlem,

I have a few questions for you. I was in court with you for the Bison Creek Ranch receivership.

I was wondering why you were sitting by the wall and not standing up and doing what you, per the Mariposa County website, states you are getting paid by tax dollars to do.

It states you are to provide responsible legal advise and assertive representation in litigation.

Is it responsible to claim only one permit when you know there are others for the property and is it responsible to not bring up the fact that Mr. Cox has filed and been denied and then called back into the County to get such permits, implying he has disregard for the process?

Is it responsible or assertive to attach a picture of the front page of a newspaper mugshot on a false criminal case to the receivership documentation to defame and manipulate and push the criminal case past the receivership court date so when we went to court although you knew he would be exonerated of all charges he would look like a violent criminal?

Is it responsible to file documentation with pictures that were almost a year old and blown up out of proportion including a small piece of marijuana that was not Mr. Cox’s? I have known him for 10 years and he has never done drugs, legal or not. I also know that the person who had that marijuana told the County at the time it was his.

Is it responsible to attach a picture of a gun and not state it was a BB gun and not a handgun, nor was the owner of said BB gun Mr. Cox? Mr. Cox was not even on the property at the time of the raid.

Is it responsible to imply that Mr. Cox rented out the barn when in fact he never rented out the barn and had a couple of cowboy friends that decided to stay the night there? Are you going to tell me that cowboys never sleep in barns?

Is it responsible for the County to hire a receiver and remove Mr. Cox from the ranch stating it is inhabitable and then security is allowed to stay in the same structures deemed unsafe as well as bringing their children to stay?

Is it responsible to allow those same security guards to leave the ranch with four wheeler equipment?

Is it responsible to hold an innocent man’s belongings on a falsified charge and not return them after he has been exonerated of all charges?

These questions and many more are what the people of Mariposa and beyond are wondering now. All of the above are documented facts. Who would trust a lawyer that knows these facts and doesn’t step up to do anything to correct it? Who would feel safe knowing they could be the next one that the County treats like this?

This is what is going through the minds of the citizens and they are now reaching beyond Mariposa County and above Mariposa County because they feel it is not being acknowledged nor corrected at the County level. The court system will bring all the facts to the table and I hope that you holding the position you hold will consider and correct, being responsible in your guidance and not let this get as out of hand as a 22 month violent criminal case that should have been dropped the minute the first week of facts came out.

It states on the Mariposa County website that no case will go beyond a year unless it is a capital case. The criminal case went 22 months, costing the County taxpayers. The DA was questioned in public about this. The citizens of Mariposa County do not want their rights to be thrown to the wayside nor their money to be wasted and they are watching.

Citizens are fed up and letting the state and federal system be aware. They are calling the newspapers. People are calling the FBI and the Attorney General because they feel they are not being heard from the County of Mariposa.

There is no intelligent entity that will think that attaching a false rape criminal case mugshot newspaper article as well as a picture of a BB gun to receivership documentation on a person that has never been convicted of a violent crime is responsible or ethical and not manipulative and defaming in my opinion.

I hope you can shed some light on the above questions and how you are going to responsibly proceed. Best regards.

Lisa Thayer

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