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Seymour to play lead in ‘The Miracle Worker’

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Jade Seymour is shown, left, in her role as Helen Keller. 
Submitted photo Jade Seymour is shown, left, in her role as Helen Keller. Submitted photo Local youngster Jade Seymour, 12, has been acting since she was 6.

Her latest role has her playing the blind and mute Helen Keller in “The Miracle Worker.”

The play tells the story of Anne Sullivan and her student, blind and mute Helen Keller. Without being able to speak, Keller becomes violent and is treated poorly by her family. But Sullivan works closely with Keller, trying to rescue her mind and spirit from the silence.

At the end of the play, Sullivan’s work with Keller leads to Keller’s uttering of a single word: water.

“I was encouraged by the first director that I ever worked with, Cate Cannon, to audition for this role,” said Seymour. “I was a little bit intimidated to audition, because it was at the Gallo Center, a place where I had never worked before, and a director that I had never worked under. It is such a huge honor to be cast as a lead in The Miracle Worker by director, Heike Hambley. She has a method of rehearsing that I’ve never experienced before. She lets the actors ‘mark through’ the scene to get their take on what is going on, then adapts it to her liking. She is always open to new suggestions from actors. As Helen, I have no lines, except the last scene, of course.”

It is a challenging role for Seymour because she is working with a fight choreographer and an American Sign Language specialist.

“Every rehearsal I learn something new from the wonderful cast, crew and directors,” Seymour said. “It is physically demanding, and I often come home with bruises, but it is an honor to bring the amazing story of Helen Keller to the audience. I hope they leave wanting to know more about her life, and what she accomplished.”

The performances will be held Nov. 3-5, one weekend only. Tickets range between $12 and $20.

The play will be held at the Gallo Center Repertory Company in Modesto, located at 1000 “I” Street in Modesto.

For more information or for tickets, visit www.tickets.galloarts.org/single/eventDetail.aspx?p=6333.

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