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Landfill to open Saturday and be open Monday; spoiled food can be dropped off in Mariposa

The landfill in Mariposa County will be open on Saturday, July 22.

In addition, local residents will have an opportunity to get rid of any rotten food waste in the town of Mariposa starting on Saturday.

Todd Storti, solid waste manager for the County, said on Thursday afternoon officials have established a plan for local residents to get rid of their waste, including spoiled food, as a result of the Detwiler Fire closing the landfill earlier in the week.

The landfill will operate as normal on Saturday and then will be open on Monday, a day it is usually closed.

Storti said by opening those two days, he is hopeful people can utilize the landfill to dispose of their residential garbage. Because of the fire, many people have a large amount of trash.

In addition, because so many people lost food because of the extended power outages in the area, Total Waste officials will be placing a drop box behind the VFW Post, at the corner of Jones and Bullion Street, just behind the visitors center in Mariposa.

“It is only for spoiled food waste,” said Storti.

The drop box will be manned by workers from Total Waste.

“We want to work with people,” said Storti.

On Friday afternoon, power was restored at the landfill, he said.

The transfer stations around the County will not be open until the end of next week, said Storti.

Those stations are in Lake Don Pedro, Hornitos, Fish Camp and Coulterville. Storti said on Friday he was not sure if the transfer station in Coulterville was damaged by the Detwiler Fire.

However, he said if there was damage, they will still have some type of service at the transfer station in Coulterville by no later than next Friday.

He also said as “other areas” of the County “open up,” officials will be looking to do similar drop boxes for spoiled food waste at those locations.

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