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Hospital CEO is terminated


Alan MacPhee Alan MacPhee The John C. Fremont Healthcare District Board of Directors voted Sunday to terminate CEO Alan MacPhee.

The vote came following a rare Sunday executive session that was called by the board following its nearly seven hour meeting last week. At that meeting, their executive session was for MacPhee’s performance evaluation and was continued to the Sunday meeting, where he was terminated after the closed session.

All five board members, Candy O’Donel-Browne (chairperson), Linda Pribyl, Dr. Joseph Rogers, Phil De Bry and Sally Uribe, voted for the termination, said Lorna Coci, public relations coordinator for the district.

Chief Financial Officer Matthew Matthiessen was named as the interim CEO by the board.

The hospital district did issue a press release about the termination of MacPhee.

It did say that during that time “the hospital has pulled out of a financial decline.”

The release said “issues have arisen from the testimony by the public at recent board meetings.”

“Our staff has been working diligently to correct the problems that have been pointed out by our community,” said O’Donel- Browne in the press release. “They’ve put in an unbelievable number of hours of overtime. Nevertheless, despite gains made in correcting problems and improving services, hospital morale has been low during the period.”

MacPhee was hired as the interim CEO in July 2013. At that same time, Matthiessen was hired as the interim CFO.

By October of 2013, MacPhee was hired by the board as the CEO.

“The employees and doctors at the John C. Fremont Healthcare District make up the most highly qualified workforce in Mariposa,” said O’Donel-Browne. “They provide basic medical services that match the quality you would expect to find in Stanford or University of California San Francisco. If patients need more comprehensive emergency care that we can provide in our small hospital, we stabilize them here and transfer them safely to larger hospitals so they can get specialized attention they need. We believe the people who operate our hospital and clinics deserve to feel appreciated and honored.”

The press release stated the “board of directors felt it was time for a change in senior management.”

The board began with a self-assessment of their own performance, which was announced at the June board meeting last week. They did that by using a formula developed by the California Healthcare Districts.

“As a result, they are working on a team approach to fine-tune their ability to represent the community,” the press release stated.

The release said that “gave the board an equally thorough tool” to evaluate MacPhee and his position as CEO.

“This gave the board an opportunity to evaluate the fit of the CEO and the needs of the hospital and the community at this time,” the release stated. “After careful deliberation, the board and Mr. MacPhee have parted ways.”

(See details of the board’s self-evaluation in the story above.)

The release said the board will begin an immediate executive search.

“Meanwhile, the senior staff is experienced and capable of managing the hospital and clinics without disruption,” said O’Donel- Browne.

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Sad state of affairs when the

Sad state of affairs when the district lets the person who turned everything around go. He will be missed.

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