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CHP seeks information about slashing of tires

The California Highway Patrol is asking for information in identifying who was responsible for slashing tires during a town hall meeting on Tuesday night.

Lt. Becky Hagen of the Mariposa Area CHP said there were “multiple instances of vandalism” at the fairgrounds during a meeting held by Rep. Tom McClintock and attended by hundreds of people.

Hagen said a person or persons slashed the tires on four cars, with a total of five tires damaged. The vandalism took place in the front parking lot of the fairgrounds, most likely between 6-8:30 p.m., which was when the forum was happening.

The victims were in attendance at the meeting, she said, and all are residents of Mariposa County.

“We are deeply troubled that this happened here,” said Hagen. “This is not how democracy works.”

Hagen called the acts “cowardly,” and said it is “legally and morally wrong.”

She had this to say to those responsible: “Even if you do not agree with some of the people who attended the meeting, at least they had the guts to stand up, show their faces and speak their minds in an open forum. That is far better than sneaking around in the dark, destroying personal property.”

She said the CHP, which was responsible for security at the meeting because the fairgrounds is state property, will “exhaust every effort to locate the perpetrator(s) and hold them accountable for this.”

Hagen said several people were filming parts of the event, including activities in the parking lot before, during and after the meeting.

“It is our hope someone captured something on film, which we can use to identify the perpetrator(s),” said Hagen.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Mariposa Area CHP at (209) 966-3656.

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