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Cottonwood Creek to debut first album

Fans invited to kickoff party this Sunday at Miner’s

Shown is the cover of the group’s new album. Shown is the cover of the group’s new album. You don’t have to be around Maggie Little very long to know she has enthusiasm.

And why shouldn’t she or her husband, Scott Little, be enthusiastic?

The duo is better known to residents of this area as Cottonwood Creek, one of the region’s most popular musical acts .

That act is about to go to an entirely new level when their self-titled album debuts this weekend.

“It’s been such a long time coming,” said Scott. “I’m going to pop open like a can of biscuits.”

And that’s just the kind of humor and folksy feeling people will likely get from the album, which features nine original songs.

To kick off the album, Cottonwood Creek will be hosting a debut party this Sunday, Jan. 22, at Miner’s Roadhouse. It starts at noon and everyone is invited to attend. It is open to people of all ages.

The couple will be providing a free buffet for people to eat as they visit with the pair. It will last through the afternoon.

There will also be CDs for sale at the gathering and they will also be available at most major music sites like iTunes, Google Play and more.

They plan to mingle and talk with people, many who have been loyal fans for years. They will be playing cuts from the album over the PA system and will also play a couple of live songs.

One of their producers from Nashville will be in attendance, as well.

Some might wonder why they chose Mariposa as the place to debut their first album.

It was a no-brainer for them.

“Because this is where it started,” said the always enthusiastic Maggie.

For Scott, this is where he was born and raised, so it was natural to want to debut the album in Mariposa. He’s a graduate of Mariposa County High School and both of them have family in the area.

The production of the new album is something that actually began in 2015 when they played with country singer Mark Chestnutt.

After playing with Chestnutt, they met one of his producers and were invited to Nashville. There, they met another producer.

In fact, Maggie said they were asked to do a little singing for a little money, and decided to go for it. After that, the producer thought they had a lot of potential and the wheels were set in motion to record an album. It was just last summer when the project really began and both are pleased to be proceeding with releasing the album.

The album was recorded at the end of July 2016 at the Rukkus Room in Nashville.

Scott said all nine songs were recorded in just three days.

To say the least, it was intense.

“The vocal days were the easiest,” said Scott.

On the musical day, Maggie said everyone was busy and it was nothing short of a Chinese fire drill.

“It doesn’t sound overwhelming, but when you are in a room with 15 other people ...,” she said.

Those people were recording various instrumental and vocal tracks for the album.

“Oh” is the first song on the album and the couple said they are considering it to be released as a single.

To do that, they are currently “networking,” said Scott, in order “to get people to listen to it.”

They are lining up interviews and meetings with radio station executives and key personnel, because getting air time is the key in becoming successful.

Both said one of the biggest benefits of going to Nashville and recording was the fact they were able to utilize “world class musicians.”

As most people who have seen them play know, Cottonwood Creek is just the duo both playing and singing. Both play a drum, Scott also plays guitar and harmonica and Maggie is a banjo player.

But for the album, they were afforded the luxury of an entire band made up of musicians who regularly play with Nashville’s finest.

All of the songs are original and Scott and Maggie co-wrote a majority of them. Others, too, were involved. That included one song that was co-written by country star Jamey Johnson.

Maggie called that “pretty awesome.”

At some point, the newlyweds are planning to move to Nashville, but when that will happen remains up in the air.

They are in close contact with the Nashville promoters and said they will do an album debut party there, as well.

When formulating the songs to put on the new album, Scott and Maggie were given a lot of advice.

One of the best pieces, said Maggie: “Don’t have good songs, have great songs.”

They are hoping that is the case with the debut album.

One hopeful sign for Scott and Maggie is there are no “guy, girl duos” on the charts right now. They are hoping to find that niche, as well as keep their music traditional country with their own twist. That is something they have done since Cottonwood Creek was formed.

Since that time, they have played venues all throughout California, but know this area is where it all began. They know without the loyal fan base, things could be a lot different.

“Without them, we wouldn’t be here,” said Scott.

That’s one reason they wanted to do the kickoff party at Miner’s.

“This is our gift to them,” said Scott. “It is a thank you for supporting us. Of course, it is for us, too. For our own personal goals.”

Maggie said they believe the time is right.

“It’s time something happened,” she said.

One thing that did happen in October was when they were married.

“Well, he’s still here,” quipped Maggie when asked how married life was going.

“I’m still wearing the one-finger handcuff,” joked Scott.

All joking aside, Scott and Maggie said they are quite happy with married life and feel their future looks bright.

There’s little doubt many people who live in this region are rooting for Cottonwood Creek to have a bright future, as well.

For more information about the group or the album, email booking@cottonwoodcreekband.com. They are also encouraging people to follow their Facebook page for the latest about the band.

Greg Little is Editor of the Mariposa Gazette and can be reached at greg@mariposagazette.com.

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I always love reading you. No

I always love reading you. No matter what it is! Reminds me of the wild hippie concert in the field.

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