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Officials investigating gun rumor at school

By Gazette staff

A situation involving the threat of a gun Monday at Mariposa County High School is being investigated by authorities.
According to school officials, a student at Mariposa County High School made a statement in a text message to another student indicating a gun might be brought onto campus.
Initially, an investigation determined there was no gun on campus and the student had no access to a gun. There was no direct threat determined, Superintendent Robin Hopper said.
Mariposa County Sheriff Doug Binnewies said on Tuesday his office determined there was a “dispute between two students,” and that it was “mostly on social media.”
The sheriff said there was “no gun on campus,” which was apparently part of the social media rumor. In addition, he said there was “no gun at all.”
School officials met with the student’s guardian, and also conducted a threat assessment on the student, which is a very direct protocol to determine if a student is likely to cause harm to themselves or others.
Following these actions, it was concluded there was no threat and nothing to report, said Hopper.
However, on Tuesday school officials received additional information about the same student from a previous date.
“We are trying to determine whether the info reported by a student is credible,” Hopper said.
The sheriff’s office was called out to conduct an investigation.
The sheriff said “school officials are dealing with the situation.”

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