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New tourism web address has powerful messaging

It’s taken a while, but persons interested in visiting Yosemite National Park now have a one-stop website where they can gather all of their information.

And Mariposa County is the focus of the site.

The site is yosemite.com, and the Mariposa/Yosemite Tourism Bureau recently acquired sole rights to that domain.

The site was on lease from the Merced County Association of Governments and the original idea was to promote advertising on the site.

However, the tourism bureau realized the site itself had more value in potential revenue from visitors than advertising, said Noel Morrison, communications manager for the tourism bureau.

Local businesses that are relevant to tourism, like restaurants, shops, hotels, guide services, attractions and more, can place their information on the site for free, said Morrison.

They can place contact information, booking information, email addresses and more, she said.

The site is anticipated to draw up to 2 million page views a year, she said.

The old site, yosemiteexperience.com is now linked to the new site, said Morrison.

The official launch of the site was last month and Morrison said they continue to improve on the site and add information.

Anyone interested can contact the tourism bureau at (209) 742-4567 or visit yosemite.com.

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