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Sherie C. McGrath

On Sunday, June 19 the world lost a beautiful woman. Death has its own plan and schedule and is never easy for those left behind.

Sherie was born in Akron, Ohio on July 7, 1944. Growing up in sunny Long Beach, she overcame the self-doubt of adolescence to become a remarkably non-judgmental and incredibly kind person. In her first year at Long Beach State she met her future husband, Rich. Their love was born of a self-determination that would shape a most dedicated marriage of 51 years.

Moving to Simi Valley in the late 1960s, Sherie and Rich would start a life that was as ordinary as any middle class couple. But Sherie was far from your average housewife. Building friendships with neighbors and strengthening family relationships, she was a tireless campaigner for the office of love and understanding.

Her unique perspective on others was that their point of view was valid. She could be harsh about injustice — not of big issues but those all of us face every day. Hypocrisy and self-loathing were unacceptable in her eyes. She was a spiritual person who believed in the beauty of humanity.

When the limits of a small yard in suburbia finally got to them, Sherie and Rich looked for a larger property and found their piece of paradise in Mariposa in the early 1990s. The kindness and pace of Mariposa helped blossom her talents at tree planting, gardening and cooking. She never tired from working hard at her projects. Part of her daily life included sending beautifully handmade cards for birthdays, anniversaries and “I love you’s.” The postal costs may have been high but the impact made every person feel special.

She will be profoundly missed and is survived by her husband Rich, their children, Scott and Lisa, and four grandchildren, along with hundreds of friends and family who still cannot believe they have to say goodbye.

A celebration of her life will be held on Saturday, June 25 at 6 p.m. It will be held in Sherie’s secret garden at McGrath Meadows. For more information, please contact us at mcgrath@sti.net.

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I'm going to miss you Aunt

I'm going to miss you Aunt Sherie and you've been my grandma's best friend since I was born and since my siblings were born and you've been like a Aunt to us and you will be truly missed by everyone and we love you and miss you Aunt Sherie and I'm going to miss all the sweet messages that you sent through the mail when you wrote my grandma and me and my mom. And you are up there with my grandma and We love you and miss you Aunt Sherie. Rest In Peace my beautiful Aunt Sherie Love you and miss you.

My dear BFF, We have been

My dear BFF, We have been friends ever since high school when we were both new to Wilson and we seemed to have a special bond even then. I will miss your sweet smile and joyful laugh. When I used to walk you home after school to protect you from others you called me your Knight in Shinning Armor and that was always the way you addressed me. I'll never walk your secret garden again or visit your Redwood forest while we hold hands and share a laugh and talk about how fantastic life is or how short it can be. We both said that we must live life to the fullest and share a joy with all we know. We will always have that special bond no matter where we are. You were one very special lady and it meant so much to me when you invited me to your Wedding, you were so happy that day when you and Richard were married. I'll never forget the joy I saw in your eyes and that smile of yours that day in May. You truly were my Best Friend Forever and now the skies may be gray but all I have to do is think of you and the clouds will part and the sun will shine down from above and all of us who knew you will know that you are again smiling down upon us from high above. The world has truly lost one of its beautiful people. Rest in Peace my special friend, my BFF. The boys by the Bay have been sad the last few hours but the sun is out and they know you are happy and that someday if they are good they may meet up with you and the ladies of the garden again in a far more beautiful place. Your Knight in Shinning Armor is here thinking of you my Fair Sweet Lady

A beautiful lady; our dear

A beautiful lady; our dear cousin who lived life to the maximum and touched so many of our lives in a loving, positive way.

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