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MCHS Achievement Night award winners announced

 Mariposa County High School held its Achievement Night on Monday, May 23 at the high school.

The ceremony honored standout students in grades 9-11, and several awards in various categories were given out. Winners include:

Perfect attendance:

One year perfect attendance: Devon Acker-James, Maxell Adams, Sylvie Amstutz, Sarah Amundson, Ryker Benson, Kimoy Coke, Thomas Coleman, Larry Cullens, Dusty Harris, Chy Nu Her, Cody Holt, Michael Johnson, Taylor Jones, Cayle Lemings, Morgann Loucks, Izamary Marquez, Megan Mellow, Aleksandar Radonic, Delaney Ronay, Chelsea Shelton, Alden Stobbe, Kathleen Vick, Colton Weidner, Cameron Yancey.

Two year perfect attendance: Jonathan Boyer, Nathaniel Gorham, Jonathan Trujillo, Graham Vandersteen

Three year perfect attendance: Cristian Gonzalez, Lydia Radonic, Autumn Smith

Agriculture awards:

Excellence in ag biology: August Dormer, Audrey Ogilvie, Sawyer Shaddix, Haley Shelton

Most improved in ag biology: Chase Dubberke, Ryan Leonard, Megan Mellow

Excellence in ag science: Raegan Broomfield, Chad Brossard, Deacon Lowery

Excellence in veterinary science: Erin Fiester, Sarah Preston, Chelsea Shelton, Shelby Woods

Most improved in veterinary science: Collin Billings, Clarice Eagle-Jones, Ryen Ward

Band awards:

Theresa Kimberly Arebalo Life Award: Sydney Keeton

Dr. Phillip M. Smith Conductor's Award: Liam Keeton

Most Improved Musician: Ryker Benson

Chorus awards:

Outstanding mezzo soprano: Elaina Mero

Outstanding tenor: Ryker Benson

Most improved vocalist: Mikayla Perez

Drama awards:

Excellence in technical theatre: Aero Webber

Excellence in drama: Claire Gorham, Jasmine Hawley, Krystalynn Kimbro, Hannah Swiecki

Fine arts awards:

Excellence in art achievement drawing and painting: Maya Meadows, Abigail Ortiz

Foreign languages awards:

Outstanding achievement French 1: Dawn Canapary, Liam Keeton, Sydney Keeton, Audrey Ogilvie

Outstanding achievement French II: Julia Coleman, Claire Goreham

Oustanding achievement French III: Lydia Bothwell

Outstanding achievement Spanish I: Quinn Whatley

Oustanding achievement Spanish II: Erik King

Student body awards:

Student body officers:

President: McKenna Marchetti (Sr)

Vice President: Anna Medema (Sr)

Secretary: Daniel Gilger

Treasurer: Carmen Ortiz

Events Coordinators: Callie Nance, Dawn Canapary, Lukas Hart (Sr)

Special Events Coordinator: Jessica Ibarra (Sr)

Public Relations: Eliza Amstutz (Sr)

Publicity Officer: Maya Canapary (Sr)

Athletic Commissioner: Zackary Smith (Sr)

Rally Commissioner: Grace Flanagan

Technology Commissioner: Noah Rockwood (Sr)

Class officers:

Senior Class President: Megan Snyder

Senior Class Vice President: Laurynn Leonard

Senior Class Secretary: Maikhue Her

Senior Class Treasurer: Jesse Hellums

Senior Class Representative: Camryn Dutrey

Junior Class President: Regan Smith

Junior Class Vice President: Julia Coleman

Junior Class Secretary: Chelsea Shelton

Junior Class Representative: Leah Carlson

Sophomore Class President: Violet Matlock

Sophomore Class Vice President: Blake Atkins

Sophomore Class Treasurer: Liam Keeton

Sophomore Class Representative: Sydney Keeton

Freshman Class President: Samantha Matlock

Freshman Class Vice President: Audrey Ogilvie

Freshman Class Secretary: Sylvie Amstutz

Freshman Class Treasurer: Seth Kelsey

Freshman Class Representative: Izamary Marquez

CIF Scholar Athletes:

Blake Atkins, Raegan Broomfield, Dawn Canapary, Leah Carlson, Julia Coleman, Joseph Freitas, Quinn Horvath, Christian Knighten, Leah Lafata, Violet Matlock, Patience McCoy, Elaina Mero, Samantha Norman, Abigail Ortiz, Lydia Radonic, Regan Smith, Madison Stitt, Daniel Taylor, Quinn Whatley

English awards:

Excellence in Freshman English: Sylvie Amstutz, August Dormer, Audrey Ogilvie, Esther Palmer, Hannh Swiecki, Samantha Telles-Trujillo

Excellence in Sophomore English: McKenzie James

Excellence in Sophomore Honors: Dawn Canapary, Violet Matlock, Callie Nance

Excellence in Junior Advanced Placement: Julie Coleman, Claire Gorham, Madison Stitt

Most Improved in Junior AP Literature and Composition: Christian Knighten

Math awards:

Excellence in College Prep Math II: Nina Dobbs

Math “Ray of Sunshine” Award: Michaela Radanovich

Math “Grit” Award: Taylor Jones

Excellence in Integrated Math I: Benjamin Chenowith, August Dormer, Amelia Fontana, Alexandra Marquez, Izamary Marquez, Jessica Milazzo, Audrey Ogilvie, Hannah Swiecki, Colton Weidner

Excellence in Integrated Math II: Lilly Anderson, Raegan Broomfield, Saylor Cramer, Lily Fluharty, McKenzie James

Excellence in Algebra II: Rossa Christensen, Nathaniel Gorham, Jack Gralla, Callie Nance, Samantha Norman, Graham Vandersteen

Excellence in Pre-Calculus: Dawn Canapary, Liam Keeton, Sydney Keeton, Leah Lafata

Excellence in AP Calculus AB: Julia Coleman

Excellence in Biology: Devon Acker-James, Sylvie Amstutz, Dathan Hansell, Izamary, Marquez, Karla Rodriguez Martinez, Samantha Telles-Trujillo, Kathleen Vick, Bernadette Wall, Beau Yancey

Integrated Science: Lilly Anderson, Lily Fluharty

Excellence in Chemistry: Matthew Tacy

Excellence in AP Physics: Julia Coleman

Most Improved in AP Physics: Claire Gorham

Social Studies awards:

Excellence in World History: Rossa Christensen, Sydney Keeton

Outsanding Achievement in U.S. History: Gage Bazinet, Lydia Bothwell, Julia Coleman, Quinn Horvath, Christian Knighten, Leah Lafata, Madison Stitt

Academic Letters: Gage Bazient (Bar), Leah Carlson (Bar), Julia Coleman (Bar), Claire Gorham (Bar), Quinn Horvath (Bar), Christian Knighten (Bar), Elaina Mero (Bar), Bailey O'Brien (Letter), Chelsea Shelton (Bar), Madison Stitt (Bar)m Emma Woodling (Bar), Collin Billings (Letter), Kimoy Coke (Letter), Cristian Gonzalez (Letter), Nathaniel Gorham (Bar), Erik King (Bar), Leah Lafata (Bar), Rebecca Middleton (Bar), Lydia Radonic (Bar), Autumn Smith (Bar), Daniel Taylor (Bar)

Sophomore letter:

Lilly Anderson, Dawn Canapary, Joseph Freitas, Morgan Lewis, Callie Nance, Abigail Ortiz, Yasmeena Sulaiman, Quinn Whatley, Blake Atkins, Saylor Cramer, Liam Keeton, Violet Matlock, Jessica Noguera, Michaela Radanovich, Graham Vandersteen, Cameron Yancey, Raegan Broomfield, Lily Fluharty, Sydney Keeton, Casey Miller, Samantha Norman, Savanna Savage, Jared Weinburke

Gold academic awards:

9th grade: Devon Acker-James, Thomas Coleman, Dathan Hansell, Sierra Hennies, Tyler Mangan, Samantha Matlock, Sawyer Shaddix, Bernadette Wallm Beau Yancey, Sylvie Amstutz, August Dormer, Dusty Harris, Seth Kelsey, Alexandra Marquez, Audrey Ogilvie, Robert Stark, Cheyenne Wass, Samuel Carpenter, Amelia Fontana, Jasmine Hawley, Morgann Loucks, Izamary Marquez, Joseph Quinn, Kathleen Vick, Colton Weidner

10th grade: Blake Atkins, Grace Flanagan, Morgan Lewis, Callie Nance, Yasmeena Sulaiman, Quinn Whatley, Dawn Canapary, Liam Keeton, Danielle Marquez, Samantha Norman, Graham Vandersteen, Cameron Yancey, Saylor Cramer, Sydney Keeton, Violet Matlock, Savanna Savage, Jared Weinburke

11th grade: Gage Bazinet, Julia Coleman, Christian Knighten, Elaina Mero, Madison Stitt, Lydia Bothwell, Claire Gorham, Leah Lafata, Lydia Radonic, Daniel Taylor, Leah Carlson, Erik King, Patience McCoy, Regan Smith

Athletic awards:

Freshman boy: Ryan Leonard

Freshman girl: Taylor Vegely

Sophomore boy: Blake Atkins

Sophomore girl: Violet Matlock

Junior boy: Josh Land

Junior girl: Kirsten Dubberke

Citizenship award:
9th grade: Sylvie Amstutz, August Dormer

10th grade: Violet Matlock, Jared Weinburke

11th grade: Christian Knighten, Madison Stitt

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