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Christina Lynne Jarrett- Choi, a lifetime resident of Mariposa, passed away on March 16, 2015.

Christina was born on July 25, 1995 in Merced. She never lost the wonder and curiosity she had as a child. She always held fast to her gut instincts.

A woman of loving resilience and steadfastness, she tamed untamable kids via inspiration and motherly reason. More than just a lover of nature and a fan of fantasy and sci-fi, Christina was a singer, writer, artist, photographer, gardener, homemaker and friend. She lived a life of integrity, passion, and sincerity, with a fiery resolve tempered by no worldly obstacle. A fountain of love that came in contact with sorrow, drowned it, and overcame it with hope.

Aaron Choi, her companion and love, said “Christina is my pillar of strength, my beacon of light, my definition of beauty, and the bottomless well of sweet, pure, innocent love. I’m honored to have known her. And to have shared dreams with her. She's my inspiration. She’s my everything.”

Christina was the daughter of Richard Jarrett and Roberta Lynne Teague. She was preceded in death by her grandmother Mary Lou Jarrett and her aunt Tammy Lynne Jarrett.

She is survived by her love Aaron Choi and his family, her father Richard Jarrett and her mother Roberta Lynne Teague. She is also survived by her paternal grandfather Richard Jarrett, Maternal grandparents Carl and Arvlynn (Prentice) Teague, and many uncle and aunts, Robert Jarrett, Randy Jarrett, Jenine Jarrett, Michelle Johnson (Bill) and Heidi and Leigh Brown. Also surviving her are cousins Doug, Jamie and Katie— along with cousins Heather Naravaez, Jason Kienzle, Sarah Bergman and Ryan Delgado. She is also survived by Ramona Sanchez and family.

A celebration of life is planned for Saturday, April 11, at 10:03 a.m. at the New Life Christian Fellowship, 5089 Cole Road in Mariposa. The services will be followed by a potluck reception. For more information, send an email to richardjrjarrett@gmail.com.

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I notice that all of the

I notice that all of the Jarrett family members were mentioned .Nobody mentioned her great grandmother and grandfather Teague.Nor her great Aunt Kris and uncle Jeff or her Uncle Eric Teague and aunt Sharon.Not to forget her awesome cousins Kelley and Travis Turner.Also Mindy and Brittany and our late Courtney that also was killed in a car accident in 2006.Thank you for mentioning her whole family.God Bless you.

Christina was a close friend

Christina was a close friend of mine and as children, growing up with her was such an honor. Im going to miss her dearly and I am still in complete shock she is gone. For me though, I still believe she is not completely gone. She is still watching over all of us and will be by our sides in time of need like she always was and will be waiting for all of her family and close friends at the gates of heaven when we are ready to go. ♥

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