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Wreck claims two county residents

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 - 8:45 a.m. - Two families are mourning the passing of loved ones following a Saturday wreck that has claimed Khayla Choi, 13, and Christina Jarrett, 19.

The tragedy occurred when a Toyota pickup driven by a 70-year-old Los Banos resident crossed a Highway 41 centerline near Fresno and struck a Toyota Corolla driven by Penelope Choi, 46, Khayla's mother. The elder Choi received serious injuries in the crash, but is expected to recover, a report issued by a family member said.

Khayla Choi and Christina Jarrett were regulars at Mariposa's Pony Expresso coffee shop and charmed other customers with their "wonderful energy and bright smiles," business owner Amy Eaton recalled.

Read the Thursday, March 19 MARIPOSA GAZETTE for more on the incident.

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Really sad to hear this. god

Really sad to hear this. god bless the families.

yes, the Jarrett family is a

yes, the Jarrett family is a strong one, they make you feel part of their family. They will give the shirt off their back for you. They make people smile and laugh. Times are hard, hope the best for them. Best of all the love, Rhonda Spaulding.

these girls were wonderful

these girls were wonderful friends.

Our thoughts and prayers are

Our thoughts and prayers are with this family in this time of great sorrow. This family has been through so much already with the to early passing of Tammy Jarrett. It would seem to me that this family has lost enough and now it has lost two of the youngest and brightest of there family. There are no words, no word to sooth the hurt, no words to answer the questions why? I would just hope that this family knows that even if we are not in touch every day and they do not know us very well we love them and we are holding them up in the time of great need. We are so so sorry to the Jarrett and Bergmen families and we hope that you are surrounded with love and strength from other family members that you can lean on. RIP Christina Jarrett & Khayla Chol you are loved and you will be missed.

My heart goes out to the

My heart goes out to the families.. My prayers are with them too...

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